Question: We were told to try to find the energy or the vibration of a negative emotion in order to dissolve it. This was very interesting to me. I would like a further explanation of the emotion and vibration.

Divine Mother: You are a vibrational package. Everything about you is vibration, waves moving. The waves are intersecting at certain points that create the uniqueness of each individual. But you are a vibrational life stream. The reason I want you to approach the debilitating emotions as vibrations is because they are vibrations. Every emotion is a vibrational resonance of some kind. That's why you can identify the different emotions because they all have a different vibrational resonance. You can identify what you feel because it is a certain collection of frequencies that is going through your system.

Fear often causes trembling which is a physical response to a vibrational fluctuation. Sadness, tears are caused by a vibrational fluctuation in your body. The breath increases and tears are produced and other kinds of tremulous physical movement. Shame is a very heavy vibration. It is the same with unworthiness. Shame and unworthiness are very close, but their fluctuations are different.

When you notice these things, you can find them. You first will notice them as an emotion. But I want you to go beyond emotion, because emotion is very unstable and shifts very quickly. I want you to go to the flow of energy that is causing that emotion. Focus your energy there and start to soften, holding the focus as you soften through it so this frequency can shift its vibrational flow. We could say so that the vibration could dissolve, but it is actually going to shift. It is going to change its wave pattern.

I am talking to you about this because you are gaining the awareness to perceive on subtle levels of Creation where energy is flowing. I want you to start using this perception however you have it now. I want you to start using it because you are going to develop it more and more. This is how Creation operates -- by a series of frequencies, and I want you to start getting comfortable with perceiving them, experiencing them. This is just one step of what I am going to be teaching you. But we are going to start with emotions because all of you have emotions. I want you to start looking at them as vibrational flows, vibrational frequencies that can be shifted.

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