Question: The mind thinks and creates structures, and you want us to break any negative structures that we create. And that means that we create other structures that are positive. I guess there is a doubt in my mind about whether I am creating positive structures or not. I'd like a clarification about how the mind thinks and creates structures. My fear is that I will create structures and I won't know whether they are positive or negative.

Divine Mother: Don't be afraid. Fear causes a negative structure. When you find that you are afraid, just stop and think of me. Soften in the heart. The heart can't be afraid, but the mind can, so just go to the heart and find me in the heart. That is the first thing.

If you are afraid you have created something, just dissolve the fear. As long as there is no fear, you are not creating anything to be dissolved. Be innocent, be curious, be joyful, don't worry. Worry creates worry structures. People create worry structures and then they spend a life worried all the time.

There is a distinction between worry and something that needs to be done. When you know that something needs to be done or has to take place, give it to me. Say, "Mother, we have to do this today." Rather than worrying about it, just say, “Mother, let’s get this done.” This is part of the relationship I want you to have with me so that you don't feel that you are alone. Often worry comes when you think you are alone and you are responsible. So work with me and let me be responsible, guiding you, showing you what to do, helping you, moving you.

For everyone, this is going to be a shift in your mode of operation. I realize that. But I am wanting you to shift your mode of operation. It is necessary that you shift, because the old mode has caused all kinds of physical and emotional and spiritual problems. So I want you to shift. I am bringing this to your attention so that your intention is to work in a different way.

I am also increasing the Light in your energy fields so that you will be less likely to have these kinds of thoughts and feelings. With more Light, you are more connected to me, you are more connected to the vibrations of joy and happiness and creativity. Then my energy can flourish, can flow.

So the worry, the fear, and what has caused those from the past, the past emotionally charged structures of rage, shame, unworthiness, and the resulting pain -- that we want to diminish dramatically so that you are not creating anything more. So we are cleaning up what has been lingering from the past.

The power is in consistently letting go, consistently dropping into the Infinite, even in activity. In your activity you are always letting go, always softening into the Infinite so that I, as Infinite flow, can move into your life and give you the thoughts and ideas and focus to create beauty for yourself. I will also give you skills to manage the old habits. That's why this letting go is so important. You might call it letting go or softening, but it is all transcending again and again. Put a sign on your mirror, "Let go".

You are amazing beings who can live in the Infinite Wholeness and yet focus in this material field of life precisely and skillfully. You can't do it precisely and skillfully without letting go into the Infinite. In the past, you have not been letting go and you have gotten stuck in the pain, the anger, the unworthiness. Now you are getting unstuck. I am very happy about that. Now we, you and I in a personal relationship, can really develop you, because you are incredibly beautiful and have so much creativity. That's what I want to develop through our relationship.

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