It was Buckminster Fuller who said “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”.

This is the area that many professional change agents and social entrepreneurs are working in with grand missions to bring about an evolutionary Shift. That Shift is happening on all levels from a shift in consciousness, economy to governance. We are living in a time of monumental change and a Great Shift in Ages.

Just as monarchies became obsolete as a ruling governance when governments were formed and matured during the Great Age Shift from Agriculture to Industry, I believe we’re seeing a similar change in governance in our life time right now. There is a political revolution brewing. The Occupy Movement and Middle Eastern Spring is just the beginning. It may take a decade or longer but it is inevitable that governance will become more efficient and more democratic.

Just as the system of exchange and economic structures of the Natural and Agriculture Ages became obsolete with the evolution of the Industrial Age and its new economic system, I believe we are seeing another such shift today. And I’m one of many visionaries saying the same thing.

In the words of Arthur Broc, Author – “Today’s economy is not a recession. It’s the end of an era.”

The times, they are a changing. What is your role in all of this change for we all do have a role to play? The question is answered in my next point - Answer The Question “Why Am I Here?”

Finding out why we are here – what our life purpose and life mission is – and then living it is the fastest way to shift the current egoic system of lack and controlled supply, to a new system that adequately represents our inherent spirituality. In other words, at the Soul level, we are each born with a unique gift to give to the world. Fundamentally we are all born to make a difference which forms our Life Path.

When we follow that Life Path, rather than the path the world, our parents or anyone else dictates to us, being in harmony with the Laws of Nature and our Soul then, everything will find its perfect balance. We would begin to find that many of the ills of the word we face today would naturally disappear because the consciousness from where they came would no longer exist. As our actions become heart (love) and soul (wisdom) driven, Purpose + Love + Wisdom = A Better World.

What are you here to do? What is your personal mission? Finding out what your mission is and creating a winning strategy to implement your grand vision on how you will make a difference, is what all of us are being called upon to do. If we want to see major sustainable transformation in the world we’re going to need to implement what I call “Strategy With Spirit”.

Our Spirit and Soul have left clues to what your purpose and mission are. You simply need to learn how to decipher them and create your strategic plan for implementation to ensure you reach your destination. Contained with your purpose and mission will be your unique offering to the world in some aspect, big or small, on how to build a new model for the world that makes the existing model obsolete.

I believe the fastest way for us to make the changes we want to see in the world is to combine “Strategy With Spirit”. The Spirit part being aligning to and using the Laws of Universe to create the change we want to see in the world, first within our selves, then in the outer world. And we make those changes in the outer world by using the Strategy of a winning plan to implement our purpose and mission so we achieve our most magnificent vision for our planet and our world.

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“From cancer” to “saving a change agent industry”, Mission Mentor, Visionary, Inspirational Author/Speaker Nicola Grace, educates soulful entrepreneurs, agents of change, purpose driven individuals and organizations on how to integrate ‘Strategy with Spirit’ to achieve their mission to make a difference. An award-winning spokeswoman, Nicola implemented her Ten Step Master Plan for an industry facing collapse and achieved the impossible, won an award for her work and made history. You can listen to her free webinar on her Ten Step Master Plan you can implement to make the changes you want to see in the world by visiting