1. Conveys appropriate emotion: With the help of video you are telling your potential customer a story that connects with them emotionally. You can easily capture your customer’s attention with the help of powerful video brochures.
2. Insert a lead capture form in your video: Inserting 10-20% of lead capture at the start of your video, can increase the number of leads.
3. Videos should be short, attractive, and entertaining: It is often seen that if the video is too long, the customer losses interest. So, the video should grab the viewer's attention and include both the problem and solution for your customer.

Our team of professionals have years of experience in the field of video marketing campaigns for small as well as large enterprises. We can easily create a full video production or can edit the existing video according to your specifications. Whether you need a standalone lead generation video for a landing page or several videos for a social campaign, we know how to create a video that will attract the ideal customer. Compound this with a dynamic way to deliver, in the form of an eye-popping video brochure.

InstaVizion produces stunning video displays that fit in the palm of your hand. With InstaVizion, you can print a masterpiece and tell a story inside a piece of collateral or apply your video to just about anything! These are the hottest tech products in the marketing industry. Video-in-print is going to make your company stand out and get your clients excited about watching your video!

So, what are you still waiting for? Many businesses have already been benefited from our videobooks and now, it’s your turn. We've got a blank video brochure with your name on it!

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