It can’t be overlooked that Uber is not just an on-demand app which connect drivers and their riders. As Uber has changed the terms between customers and various service provider, it became the part of sharing economy.

Businesses like Uber is now not only limited to taxi industry, they have also entered into the freight and trucking sector with its truck dispatch software, their aim is to connect the trucking businesses within a click of button with their drivers and shippers.

Two new feature that should be introduced for both Android and iOS i.e. to be developed for driver who can take multiple jobs through which they will keep hailing with the dispatch software. These features are called “Reload” and “Post My Truck”. It will help the truckers to update in app that when and where they will avail the empty container and simultaneously they will find their next load. The launch of Uber Freight app with its new features can spur the demand for a new category of apps in the market that popularly known as “Uber For Trucking” apps. If you are also in the trucking and freight industry, developing an Uber-like app for trucks can benefit your business in many ways.

Let's look at the most exciting trends and how to make the trucking business profitable to be used extensively for truck drivers:

Single Dashboard for Increased Visibility

Going through the raw data, a lot of time is invested in churning insights or conclusions about the current state of the trucking business. The more this process is right, it is also time-consuming and thorough research. The single dashboard with cognitive user experience helps the truckers by separating important points to focus in a crisp format. Since the focus is visible on the key indicators of growth and threats, it reduces analysis efforts by half and helps in making rapid decision-making and strategy.

In-built Accounting & Auditing

Truck drivers prefer to focus on the logistics industry work and outsource the accountants to outside agencies. This is a viable practice if we focus on the skill set, but not a viable if we focus on long-term goals. With the help of dispatch accounting and auditing software, logistics companies can be more independent to protect the backbone of their business, which is finance. It helps in speeding up financial transactions and also creates less accounting expenses.

Mobility Solutions Integration

Mobility is a benefit, whether it is about running fleet or about operations and communication with each unit carrier. Mobility solution helps to maintain contact whether it is for general state updates or any of the routing options. Communication is changing. Most companies are moving ahead to take advantage of the powers conferred by almost every other person of smartphones and tablets, as well as mobility solutions have been called as game-changers.

IoT Specific Solutions

Attached Machines and networks of machines is an older concept, but since the last decade, it is finding its pertinence in the logistics world. In the case of autonomous vehicles, drones and acceptors for sensors, it is time for any organization to think seriously about optimizing the IoT solutions in their business, with immediate logistic techniques running on the circumstances.

Real-Time Tracking

Time is money - when you are working in the logistics industry, it becomes 100% true. Real-time tracking is a great opportunity for any Uber for trucking business as they can track their shipment status and share it with the clients. This not only increases the trust between the two parties but also denies the possibility of any wrong information about their shipment.

IFTA & IRS Compliance Modules

Accounting is a difficult task in itself and when it deals with bills and tax payments, it can definitely cause a havoc for someone. Managing the documentation more depressing part because it gives you some trouble and extra charges when you are doing intermodal transportation. The IFTA and IRS compliance modules confirm that you don’t face anything like this.

Cloud-Based Solution for Data Security

Cloud-based solutions provide easy access to critical documents such as payment receipts and tax filings on time. This reduces the dependence on paperwork and prepares to tackle the situations like system failure due to the security of all data in the cloud storage.

So, these are the benefits that the Truck App Solution Development will deliver to trucking and freight industry, allowing owners, drivers, and shippers to smoothly manage their work. It will improve the efficiency and productivity of the company by preventing trucks from moving empty.

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