More than 30% of pregnant women develop varicose veins when they are expecting for the first time. This mainly happens at the end of their second trimester. The condition worsens with time. Hence, to get relief a bit of relief from the varicose veins, it is best to opt for a spa treatment. Opting for spas relaxes the discomfort of prenatal varicose veins. Also, the spa treatments help to minimise the swelling and improving circulation. 

Why do Pregnant Women Have Varicose Veins?

There are some reasons for this phenomenon to occur during pregnancy. Besides, there are several hormonal changes, such as the birth of progesterone, that causes an overflow of blood within the walls of the pregnant woman. With the development of a foetus, more pressure occurs on the large blood vessels as well as on the veins of the pelvis. 

How Can Spa Treatment Help You? 

Although pregnant women should not undergo treatments of varicose vein, they can relive certain aches of varicose veins with the help of spa in Woy Woy. By opting for relaxing spa, you can relive the discomfort of prenatal varicose veins that have taken place on the legs, especially behind the knees. Moreover, a proper spa treatment can help in reducing swelling as well as improve blood circulation. 

Also, there are several types of massages recommended for pregnant women like:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage: This type of massage helps in moving lymph fluid into the blood vessels, which, in turn, helps in improving blood circulation. Also, it gives relief to the blood pooling in a pregnant woman's body.
  • Circulatory massage: It helps in moving blood through the veins or from one vein to another, based on the type of strokes used during the massage session.
  • Reflexology massage: This type of massage mainly includes the hands and feet, which can improve the digestive system, sciatic nerve, as well as the spine.

Post-Pregnancy Varicose Massages

After the baby is born, the varicose veins might improve on their own. However, if they have not improved properly, and the pain is still there, then one can opt for post-pregnancy massages to relax their varicose veins. Also, many women have body aches after the birth of their child. Hence, to relieve those pains, one can opt for full body massage in Woy Woy. It will help in relaxing the muscles, which, in turns, relieves your body from pain. 

However, if the pain still continues, then it is better to get it checked by a certified doctor, as the pain might be due to some other reason, which can lead to even worse. Hence, it is important to diagnose the cause soon.

Final Words!

Therefore, from the above discussions, it is clear that spa treatment can be the best treatment for varicose veins. Also, it is highly recommended that when opting for this type of massage, you must go to a certified spa and wellness centre near you, so that you can get the appropriate massage treatment for varicose veins that relief pain effectively.

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The author is a reputed spa in Woy Woy. Also, the author has been providing a wide range of full body massage in Woy Woy, along with other beauty care services for several years.