Preparation Tips UGC NET Commerce – Code 08

What exactly has to be done, to get a great score in Commerce, so that you get JRF in one attempt only? Based on our experience, at Human Peritus, allow us to share few “must to do” tips:

No. 1 – Now that the Syllabus has changed, are previous year questions still relevant? We, at Human Peritus, have compared, word by word, earlier syllabus and new syllabus. We found that only 4-5% of topics have been removed from earlier syllabus. On the other hand about 25-30% new topics have been added. It means two things (a) Overall syllabus has increased in size by 20-25% and (b) past year questions are still Super Important. The list of topics, which have been removed are given at bottom of this post.

Check out the latest UGC NET syllabus 2021

No. 2 – So, how to study with previous papers? Here is something important. While attempting each question, do not just “solve” the question. Rather try to understand the “entire concept”. Questions will not repeat, but Concepts will repeat. For example, consider following question:

Which of following is not one of 4 Ps of Marketing?

(A) Product (B) Price (C) Place (D) Process

Now, do not just look for the Answer (Option D)? Also Google and find out, what exactly is 4 Ps of Marketing? Which management Guru gave this concept? What each P stand for? What are 7 Ps for Services? etc. You should be equipped handle any question on 4 Ps of Marketing, just because you did one question.

Please mind it that, it will take time. May be 10-15 minutes with each question…But if you attempt around 2000 Commerce questions (all papers from 2009 to June 2019), with this approach, No one can stop you from getting very good score in Next UGC NET.

No. 3 – Which Books to study?

Our suggestion is………Do not go after Books…Go after the Syllabus… Take a print out of syllabus and study topic by topic. One topic might be good in one books, Second topic in another book, Third topic on Google….. Fourth topic on RBI website…Fifth Topic on Ministry of Commerce website (Foreign trade policy)…and so on…Focus on topics and not on specific books.

Human Peritus Study material has been prepared with this approach. This is reason, why more than 80%-85% questions are from our study material in the exam, consistently.

With this approach of Selective Study approach and Concise material, we will make you crack UGC NET in Commerce in minimum preparation time.

Topics, which have been removed, in the new syllabus:

Environmental Protection, Second Generation Reforms (Business Environment), Data Processing and Computer Applications (Business Stats), Communication (OB), Industrial Relations and Social Security (HRM), ADB (IB), Working of Stock Exchanges (Accounting/FM), Assessment of Firms (Income Tax)

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Author's Bio: 

Anuj Jindal, the founder, is an ex-manager from SBI, with an M.Com from Delhi School of Economics. He also has a JRF in Commerce & Management and NET in HRM, along with more than 4 years of experience in the field of Education.