If you are a business owner or company leader, you know the struggles associated with the long and tiresome hiring process. As pools of talent continue to shrink and the labor market grows even tighter, filling roles with not only an employee but the correct fit for the job is only becoming more and more difficult.

Finding the right team members to fill information technology roles within your company is costly both monetarily and time-wise. The average cost-per-hire reaches over $4,000 on average, according to a report by the Society for Human Resources. What’s more - it takes over a month to complete. These costs and the timeline increase exponentially should you hire the wrong person for the job.

When it comes to the world of information technology, it can be even more difficult to find the right candidate for a job. More and more companies are turning to agencies that specialize in IT staffing services, like BairesDev (https://www.bairesdev.com/insights/it-staffing-services/), when they have a job opening that needs to be filled.

The experts in the IT field want to hire the right person in the shortest time frame, making the process much more cost-effective than a drawn-out organic hiring process. That’s why picking an IT staffing agency is the way to go, as it also prevents rushed selections that can lead to bad hires.
Why Should Your Organization Work With an IT Staffing Company?
Saves Time and Money- Staffing companies have access to a wide variety of both jobs and candidates that may not be accessible or found through a traditional job search. This gives them a wide variety of choices for the potential matches between candidates and jobs available. For the candidates and the organizations looking to fill positions, these firms save quite a bit of time as most of the work is done by the hired company.

While it normally takes over a month for a business to find the right candidate for the position, it only takes a few days (at most) for a professional staffing company. Their recruiters are up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the field to try and recruit people based on the state of the industry at present.

It is sometimes difficult for in-house human resources teams to find a candidate with all of the necessary skills or the most updated skill sets for a specific job or contract. IT staffing companies help organizations match with candidates that fit their business in a reduced timeline and for a reduced cost.

Expertise - As a company owner or leader, you know your business, but that doesn’t mean you know the full ins and outs of a successful hiring process. Finding the right person for a job it's not as easy as it seems. IT staffing companies know where and how to find the best candidates for an opening. These firms are in tune with employment trends and understand the technological landscape of today to help make the process as streamlined and simple as possible for both potential employees and the hiring business.

Test Period - It is difficult to fully determine whether or not a candidate is the right fit for a job solely based on the interview process. They may not fit in with the culture of your business, their skills may be lacking in some areas, or other problems may arise. When using a staffing company, your organization can utilize a trial hire period to see if the candidate in question is the right person for the job without the worry of a long-term relationship. Should they not fit the needs of your company, another employee is found.

Niche Skills and a Larger Talent Pool - A new project may require skills that your team simply does not possess at the time. IT staffing companies have access to candidates with highly specialized skills to fill roles in a shortened period of time. These agencies can access candidates with these required talents and match them with your company at a much faster rate than organic searches could ever achieve. As staffing firms are constantly recruiting, there are always talented individuals lined up awaiting a match with a company.

Temporary or Scalable Hiring - It is not uncommon for a business to need a certain set of skills for only a short period of time, based on their projects at hand. IT staffing companies can connect your business with employees for short-term assignments that may lead to full-time roles, project or contract-based employees, or help your team scale as the need arises.

Companies that utilize an IT staffing agency reap many benefits from the partnership. In addition to saving money, time, and stress, these firms provide your business with access to a wide array of niche talent and skills, allow for test periods of employment, and help find better matches thanks to their expertise in the field.

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Malcom is a tech expert at BairesDev specializing in the software outsourcing industry. He has access to the latest market news and has a keen eye for innovation and what's next for technology businesses.