Do you ever wonder to yourself how can I tell if my boyfriend really loves me? It's easy to question a man's devotion to you if he's not telling you on a regular basis that he can't live without you or that he'd be lost if you two weren't together anymore. Short of having the ability to read his mind it may seem like there's no real way to tell what is going on in his heart or head. There actually is. Men say a lot more with their actions than they do with words. Once a woman understands how to recognize the signs that her man adores her, she'll have no doubts about what he's really feeling.

When you've been asking yourself the question of how can I tell if my boyfriend really loves me, you've likely been considering how much time he's actually spending with you. If your man is always coming up with excuses about needing to work late or a friend needing to talk, you may justify that in your mind by thinking that he really does have other obligations that he needs to tend to. Although it's true that he does indeed have other responsibilities and interests outside of his relationship with you, if a man is in love, there's no place he'd rather be. If your boyfriend is always scrambling to get as much time as possible with you and that means spending less time with his friends or pursuing his hobbies, that's a really good sign that if he's not already deeply in love with you, he's headed in that direction.

Another of the signs that indicate that he truly adores you is he's more interested in hearing about you than he is talking about himself. When a man is crazy about a woman all he wants to do is learn more and more about her. He wants to know every detail there is to know about her. Men who aren't emotionally committed to the woman in their lives will still focus mainly on themselves. They'll talk non-stop about what is going on in their lives and will have very little interest in her life. Unfortunately, if this is the dynamic of your current relationship, your boyfriend may not be as into you as you'd like.

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Men are more fickle than women as a rule. It's in a woman's biology to seek out a lasting relationship, because she is the one who bears the biological responsibility for her children. Men, on the other hand, are first attracted to women just for the sex. The thought of commitment doesn't enter their minds until much later, if at all.

You can use a man's desire to your advantage. He will be attracted to you primarily for sex in the beginning. If you give it to him too easily, he will take the sex and you for granted. Play hard to get in the beginning and you will make him fall in love.

In spite of all the changes in society, men still like to feel that they are in control. You may fight on equal terms in the workplace, but no man falls for a domineering woman. He is still looking for someone who looks up to him and defers to him. He will not fall for you if you act like you're too much in control. Show him your soft and feminine side if you want to win him over.

When you're together, be open to the emotions he's feeling at the time. If he's feeling great, make him feel even better. If he needs a shoulder to lean on, let him lean on yours. When you're not together, you want him to think about how much better life is with you than without you.

Remember, the modern way of living is very new, hardly a blink of an eye in human history. Relationships between men and women are still instinctive on many levels. While it is a good thing that men and women are on a more equal footing than they were generations ago, when it comes to love and commitment, most of the old rules still apply. If you want to make a man fall in love with you fast and hard, appeal to the cave man in your man. Make him chase you and when he catches you, make it so he never wants to let you go.

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Are you dying to find out if he loves you or is just playing with your heart? Has your relationship been going well, but you don't really know what he's feeling? Are you eager to turn this relationship into so much more and you're thinking of pushing him into thinking the same way you do? Guys can get pretty touchy when it comes to pushing them into anything, much less love. Here's how you can get there without ruffling his feathers.

The fact that men take a long time to fall in love isn't necessarily a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it's usually the woman who is a little too rushed to move things along. Love takes time to really grow and it's not something that can be forced, faked or built on demand.

Many women will simply take in the cute face, the few smooth lines and a well-filled checklist and they think they're done. They've found their man. But you need to know him better than that and he realizes how well he needs to know you. Trust that this process needs to take the time.

You might also want to consider the value of him telling you he loves you only after you've harassed him to do so. Is it really what you want or is he just humoring you? Admit it. You want him to really feel these emotions when he finally declares his love for you.

Pressure in a relationship, whether it's to be more romantic, to become more involved or to feel a wealth of emotions that simply aren't there yet is never a good direction in which to bring a romance.

Use fun, easy times together and a comfort zone he wants to go back to again and again and this will encourage him to open his heart. And when he realizes that you're the woman who loves him for who he is, respects him and shows her admiration and appreciation of him, he'll realize that he's fallen in love with you.

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Are you lacking those special moves that will make a man fall in love with you? Have you been watching the women around you as they attract men without even trying and you wish you could just snap your fingers and have a man in your life? Are you tired of being alone and you think it's finally time to settle down to a happy home life with a great man? Many women are looking for that love of a lifetime. Here's what you can do to really win him over.

While you can't deny the importance of looking good on the outside - after all this is the first impression the guy will have of you - you also have to have something pretty attractive on the inside. Discover yourself and look at what might or might not be appealing to a man. Perhaps men have even told you in the past about certain flaws and you ignored them. It's time to be honest with yourself.

Recognizing your flaws mean you can work to fix them and this will make you a better partner to the man you meet. After that initial impression, a guy is going to want to get to know you better and this is where your personality is going to come into play.

While you don't want to fake your way through this, you do want to be conscious of the way you're making him feel. If you tend to be whiny and critical, tone it down and try to keep the conversation with him pleasant.

If you've been on the look out for a great guy for a long while, there's a good chance a sense of desperation has had time to grow and fester. Even if you're desperate for a man, never let it show. Don't start talking about how important it is for you to meet the man of your dreams. Let the relationship have a fair chance to get off the ground without your expectations hanging over your heads.

Seeing that you're pleasant to be with and you don't put on the pressure, he'll fall in love with you.

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