Should you have just separated with your significant other, you obviously are encountering a moment of apprehension. That's usually the way these things go. If the partnership that you were just in meant anything at all to either of you, then you are more than likely both sensing the after effects of separation anxiety and surely a small amount of melancholy. For anybody who is feeling pessimistic and absorbed, this is totally typical. It is 100 % normal to have a bit of wistfulness for the good old days as well, but believe me, time mends all damages.

If you are really considering an attempt to win your ex back, stop and think for a second. Seriously, if it has only been a few days since you have broken up, sleep on it for a week. I'd guess that once you have allowed some time to check out your choices, you'll be far better equipped to take care of matters ahead of you. Aim to clear your mental state, go and do some enjoyable things which benefit you, and try not to think of your ex girlfriend, if at all possible.

The rationale for doing this, is that following the original break-up, all of us get something termed separation anxiety. It is necessary that you're not acting to get your ex back due to utter loneliness or because you tend to be scared of change. Soon after waiting a short time without thinking of our partner, it becomes a lot easier to determine if we are acting on behalf of our loneliness, or due to the fact that we actually feel that the break-up was really illegitimate.

If after you've provided yourself some time to think through your options and you've decided that your life in fact is better with your ex girlfriend, give her a note or give her a phone call and tell her the way you feel. It really is as simple as that. If you've given her some space just after your separation take into consideration your choices, it's likely given her the very same opportunity to think about hers. If she's made the decision that she misses you (which she probably does), a quick and personal note telling her the way you feel can awaken precisely the same sensations in her.

Keep in mind, when writing your note, do not beg. You don't want to make yourself look desperate or lonely. You are going to appear self-assured in how you feel and make sure that she understands you are making this decision with a clear head. Tell her you miss her and likely she'll feel the same. For the next step and more dating advice for men, there are many other blog posts and even expert dating programs out there on the internet. There is a plethora of information online and you should do your best to take full advantage of it.

Honestly, the most important thing is that you are happy. You must decide if your life is made better or worse by this person and then act accordingly. The biggest mistake you can make is rushing back in to a relationship that wasn't meant to be in the first place. Don't force it, give it time and you will make the right decision.

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Quincy Miller is an authority in the realm of dating and relationships. Miller has worked with hundreds of couples and singles and runs his own practice as a relationship therapist.

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