How can I reduce my risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease?

I would like to know the spirit of the study. Many viewers asked us about risk reduction. So we are talking about how we can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections associated with sexually transmitted infections. The short answer is to avoid all strict sexual activity in herpes dating. Abstinence is during pregnancy. It is the only 100% way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately, this is not true, as many young people have sex.

Sexually active people should always use latex condoms for sexual contact and be regularly tested for sexually transmitted and other infections to practice safe sex. When it comes to sexual and sexual health risks, the long answer is not you. It makes a difference, but in other words, reducing risk is about your actions and the actions you take to reduce them first. People are not sexually active, have never had sexual activity, do not use needles or other drugs and do not drink.

The other is tested for sexually transmitted diseases with a partner and always uses latex condoms. Do not use drugs or alcohol. Talk to partners and health care providers about sexual health, and the partner has sexually transmitted diseases. Several sexual partners in a third party know they have a venereal disease, sometimes using condoms for intercourse but not for other forms of sexual contact. Occasionally drugs and alcohol for parties. I do not know if my partner has been tested for STI to use, but I feel it is clear that these three friends have completely different sexual health; they are very similar, but their behavior is very different from sexual health.

Complete avoidance of sexually transmitted infections reduces the risk of infection and ensures that they are not infected. Three things, sexually transmitted infections are transmitted primarily through fluid exchange and direct skin-to-skin contact and sexual activity. Those who understand that the safest way to stay healthy is to avoid risks altogether. Do it by cutting off any risky behavior No gender No drugs No tattoos All forms of sexual contact No penis-No vaginal sex Oral sex No anal sex No manual handling Hugging or kissing the genitals of others is usually not a problem Hugging or kissing does not cause sexual infection Infection of partners by kissing or oral sex.

If you choose to be sexually active like 2 and 3, the best way to reduce your risk is to use latex condoms properly. Only one partner is tested for STR 2. If two people have sex, three people are not sexually active, let's break it down a bit. You must use a condom for every sexual activity every time. Oral, anal penis-vaginal There is no exception to forget. It is no exception to get aroused or horny Make sure that condoms can be used for prevention on the packaging. T is the most common type of condom latex. If you or your partner are allergic to latex, polyurethane condoms are suitable, but other types of condoms made from natural materials can also be used. ..

Sometimes it is not effective in stopping sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, called skin. You can get condoms at pharmacies and stores with many other places. A partner, you and your partner It means looking at each other and having sex with each other and having only one partner means doing something special like a sexually transmitted disease by having sex with another being tested. We do not guarantee that you will not bring it into your relationship.

Therefore, if you break up with a person being tested, you can take the test in the right position before joining others. This is not a big deal. You can go to the doctor or the clinic. It is private and generally painless. You are sexually active. It would help if you always used a latex condom. It would help if you were with a partner and be tested by both you and your partner. Less than this is sexual. Condoms can be harmful to your health. Some people say that condoms are ineffective. This is not misleading. Every time you do it and use it correctly, check the expiration date and attach/remove it correctly.

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