Our life is a reflection of what we desire and what we believe we desire. The universe cannot give you what you do not believe, you may have, no matter how much you desire it because the universe will not violate your own thought about it. This is natural law. Believing that you cannot have it is the same thing as not desiring to have it. When your desire and belief are synched in, you get what you desire. One needs to have your thought, word, and deed in one straight line, in unity, in clarity and stay laser focused.

One cannot get a belief, nor can anyone teach you how to get it. There are no steps, techniques or tactics. You can only be there if you think it so and you know it. Complete knowing is not something you try to acquire, you cannot have it, because this comes from being. Such beingness comes out of a state of total awareness. It can come out of only such a state. If you are seeking to become aware, then you cannot be.

It’s like trying to be six feet tall when you are 5 foot 2. You cannot be six feet tall. You can only be what you are 5 foot 2. You will be six feet tall when you grow into that. When you are six feet tall, you will be able to do all things that six-foot tall people can do. Instead of trying to believe that you can do things that a being in total awareness can, try and move to a state of total awareness. Then belief will no longer be necessary. Complete knowing will work.

This is Ancient Wisdom.

Author's Bio: 

Neil David Chan is an aspiring writer of Spirituality, specializing in Mind-Body-Soul aspects. He believes we are a three aspect being, working at all three levels.