We all know that Amazon is the largest online platform in the world. Everybody will agree that such greatness can be achieved through seriousness, superb capability and lot of hard work by many people in an organization. Satisfying customers and meeting their concerns is the backbone of e-commerce business. Huge effort is required to build customer trust and much more needed to maintain that trust. Once you achieve that level, you will never allow anything to spoil that believe. Same goes with Amazon. To safe-guard its customer trusts, it has to be strict with its sellers if they did anything against Amazon’s policies. Violating Amazon’s policies results into suspension of the seller account.

But at the same time Amazon provides opportunities to its seller team to come back again and reactivate their account in Amazon even after suspension. Whatever be the reason of suspension, to reactivate your account you need to go through complete process thoroughly to apply for reinstatement.

How to reactivate after suspension?

Study the suspension letter

The first step to reactivate your account is to study your suspension letter thoroughly. You need to analyze the reason and all other points associated with it. In case there is anything you can not understand, then consult the specialists and understand the reason and find out where you need to work to reactivate your account in Amazon.

Craft out a plan of action

Next step is the crucial part that will decide your account reactivation. You have to design a plan of stating the improvements and corrections you made to improve your business and conduct of your business in line with Amazon’s expectations from its sellers. You can study and take suggestion from others’ suspension cases to get an idea of what to follow and what not. But remember that your Plan of action must be unique one as per your suspension letter from Amazon. Experts guidance is essential to prepare an awesome plan of action that can not be rejected by Amazon.

Prepare appeal letter

Writing an Amazon Appeal letter is very hard. It is better if you take help from well trained professionals who can understand the basic structure of an appeal letter for Amazon. After analyzing the situation and crafting a complete plan of action for the process only you should start writing the appeal letter for you.

Apply for reactivation

Now when you are ready with an appeal letter and plan of action, you can apply to Amazon for reactivation. While applying you need to attach your appeal letter and plan of action along with the suspension letter from Amazon and all other supporting documents like your purchase invoice, certificates etc.

Follow up

Normally within two days you will get reply from Amazon. In case you do not get any reply, you may contact Amazon team to follow up what is going on. You will get full support and suggestion from the team.

Once suspended, being a seller you must work on every minor detail of your business to put it at best position. Your account will be activated only when your appeal shows how serious and dedicated you are for your business.

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