Most times people want to find that old classmate, childhood friend, business partner, family member, whom they have long lost contact with. This can be a cause for concern sometimes but technology has made this one of the easiest tasks to undertake as there are numerous websites and search engines that can be utilized for this purpose presently. A large amount of free information available on the web now makes this task far easier now than history can remember.

This article intends to furnish you with information on which sites and tools to use at absolutely no cost for this task. However here are a few tips about using any of these tools to search for anyone online, this will make you jobless cumbersome and more interesting:

Patience is a virtue. Most of us grew up hearing the phrase “Rome was not built in one day”, well, this phrase applies a lot to finding someone online. Depending on how much information the person has left online, finding them might happen with just one click or it might take quite a bit of time doing an extended search. So you must understand that you should not give up just after one search. In fact it is better to begin a search with the mindset that you are most likely not to find the person with just one click.

Spread your tentacles. It is important that you do not restrict yourself to just one of thses tools. You should endeavor to use as many as possible, you will be surprised how each tool can produce different results.

Save your money. All the resources stated in this article are free so do not fill in any details to pay with your credit card or some other sort of payment.

Now to the tools.

1. Google. Google is the world’s foremost search engine but what several people do not know is that it possesses several tools. You can find people simply by entering their names, phone numbers, images or even tracking down maps.

2. Family tree now. This site has become increasingly popular as it is known to supply surprising amount

of information. Birth dates, phone numbers, census records and more can be found on the site, making it very resourceful and at the same time controversial.

3. Zabasearch. This website is a free people search engine and it provides accurate information about individuals.

4. People search sites. On the internet today, there are several sites focusing only on information about individuals such as databases and phone numbers. Very strange but also very true, they are excellent at providing relevant and accurate information about individuals. Some of these sites include classmates, people finder, wink, FamilySearch, people lookup, etc. You can be sure to find almost anything you require about any individual from such sites, as long as they have information about them online.

5. Facebook. Over one billion people all around the world use Facebook, meaning that finding someone should not be difficult as long as they have an account registered. You will discover with the well-defined networks on the platform the available resources are endless.

In wrapping up, there are boundless resources on the web that can be used to find anyone, should the above stated one not work for you, just Google search for more.

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My name is Elaine and I'm a self proclaimed "do it yourself addict". I am the mother of the best 11 year old boy ever and my husband's not too shabby either