For years now I have been reading and hearing that whenever you choose something for you, you have to imagine or feel that it is already there, that you already have it; that seems to be the *key* to creating the reality of your dreams. I will confess right here that I’ve tried that countless times, with very little success.

However, it seems that lately, with my new-found trust that –as Panache Desai puts it- “Life is not happening to you, it’s happening for you”, there’s some awareness of an inner knowing that my dreams are already in the making somehow.

Maybe that’s the reason why when a friend posted on Facebook the question “How can I choose something as if it’s already there?”, I felt compelled to answer. What came out, much to my amazement, could be just the perfect analogy that allows me to master it. Here it is:

When you *choose* something for you to co-create with the universe, let’s say for instance a new house, is like when you are at home and you choose to make a pie for the afternoon because you’ve invited some friends over. The second you choose to make the pie, you know that by 5:00 o’clock, it will be done. No doubt about it. Is the pie there yet? No, but you know it’s a done deal.

First you check what ingredients are missing. Then you go to the market, and even while filling your shopping cart, you can anticipate how good the pie is going to taste, how soft and creamy it will feel in your mouth. You then arrive home and start preparing the pie. While you’re mixing the ingredients, with flour all over the kitchen, your hands literally in the dough, and broken eggs on the counter, you don’t think: “Oh, how can a nice looking pie come out of this mess? This is totally wrong! It’s going to be a disaster!” No! You’re making it with so much love and trust in the process, that what you’re thinking goes more likely like this: “This pie is going to be so tasty and delicious that all of my friends will lick their fingers and go for a second helping!” You then put the raw pie in the oven and rush to get dressed. I bet that while you’re getting dressed, you don’t give that pie a single thought, you know it’s getting cooked and that it will be ready soon. Now you can pay attention to what you’re going to wear and set the table.

So how about applying the same knowing, trust and ease when we choose to co-create with the universe something like a new home? The only difference here is that we won’t see the recipe beforehand and that a large part of the process will unfold magically and miraculously. What’s not to LOVE about that?! My part is to feel my new home, see me there. I don’t even need to see it fully, just enjoy the fact that as I choose it, it is already in the making, trusting that all the situations that come up from now on are part of the “recipe”, no matter how messy or far from the end result they may seem.

Then I took this analogy even further: sometimes the universe will ask us to be hands-on the recipe while creating miracles and magic; whereas other times, it’ll be more like ordering food at a restaurant. You “choose” from the menu (in our case, unlimited, oh, yeah!), you “order”, and then you have fun with whomever or whatever (I love going to restaurants with books or notebooks…!) is at the table with you until the food arrives. When you order, you are certain that you’ll get it in reasonable time, and you have no interest whatsoever in who prepares your dish, how it gets done, or what else is going on around it. How about trying this analogy the next time you choose?

I can already tell that this metaphor will be a turning point in my co-creation process. So, as usual, I share my tools as soon as I find them in case they are useful to somebody else, because I know that the sooner we all “get it,” the sooner the Earth we all dream of will be a reality for everybody. And now I’ll rush to the kitchen because… Well, you know!

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Argentinian Carolina Iglesias taught herself English by deciphering the lyrics to her favorite pop songs back in the ’80s. She discovered that expressing herself in English offered a sort of “safety mask,” enabling her to express her authentic self. Today, Carolina has a successful career in Spanish-to-English translation and transcription, teaching English as a Second Language, and blogging at