Indian Banking industry is one of the most advanced ones in the world. If you compare the Indian Banking sector with the other countries then you will find the difference.

The Indian Banks always try very hard to innovate new things and make things easy for the customers. It is very important to innovate to stay in the race.

This is because there are so many banks in India working at a very good pace. So if the bank does not innovate and keep the customers satisfied. The customers will switch to other banks.

So no matter which part of the world you are, if you want to access your bank account then there is always a way to do it. Provided you have an account with a bank that is from India.

If you are in an overseas location and you want to check your account balance.

Then do you think there is a way to check your balance?
Yes, there is not a single way but many to check your Indian Bank account balance from an overseas location.
But make sure that these services given by the banks operating in India are meant for the use of the real owner of the account only.

How Can I Check My Account Balance From an Overseas Location?

When we are in a foreign country we will require money in the local currency. We can use local ATM machines to withdraw money in the local currency.

But before we can do that we need to know how much exactly we have in our India based bank account. This will help us to convert the from Rupees to the local currency of the country where we are currently present.

This is where the need to check the balance in our India based bank account arises. As per Bank With Us, there are more than 6 methods to check the balance remaining in your India based bank account.

For now, we will discuss the 2 methods for you which can be used from the overseas location.

Internet Banking

The main purpose of internet banking is to allow customers to access the bank account remotely. Even if you are in an overseas location you can log in to your bank account without any issues.

Almost all India based banks allow their customers to use internet banking from the overseas location. But just in case your bank is not allowing you to access the account.

Then in such a case, you can use any good VPN application that can help to get an India based IP Address. This will work 100%. But you have to choose the VPN provider wisely. (Don't Risk your Data!)

But if the bank's system detects that you are using a VPN application then you will receive a 2FA Code on your registered mobile number. Enter that code and you will be able to login to your account.

Once you have logged in into your account you can easily check the balance that is remaining in your bank account.

Mobile Banking Application

You won't face rejections from the bank when you try to access your bank account using the mobile banking application. Because the bank's system already knows about your mobile device.

Provided you had installed the mobile banking application while you were still in India. If the bank's systems are familiar with your device then they will let you use the services even if you are in an overseas location.

This is how you can check the balance that is remaining in your India based bank account from an overseas location. You can also use the local ATM machine to check your balance but the charges are very high.

So it is not recommended to use the local ATM machines to check your bank account balance.

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