Gemstones have been an integral part of Vedic astrology that is used as a remedial approach to encounter the ill-effects of the negative vibration of the planetary movements and let only the positive vibrations to enter your body. During ancient times, only the kings and people of high intellect used to wear the gems suggested by astrologers but now even the common man can afford these gemstones to rectify the problems created by the planets.

You may ask the good astrologer and know about the gemstone that you must wear. You just need to share your details and the astrologer would recommend a gemstone that relates to your ruling planet and would help you gain the positive effects of your ruling planet. And the best part is that you do not need to leave your home and go in search of the astrologer. You may choose from a list of astrologers in Delhi and call them from your home or workspace at a time suitable for you.

Gemstones are rare stones made from minerals and crystals extracted through the natural sources of the Mother Earth. These stones are said to be divine in nature and can be used for healing the wearer and protecting them from the adverse effects of the planetary motions. You may consult an astrologer in Delhi NCR to know about your gemstone and only then must you buy it.

These gems are said to absorb the radiations of a particular planet and then transfer the energy to the body of the wearer and thus helps him attain the positivity of their ruling planet. In accordance with the “navratna” philosophy, there are 9 gemstones that relate to the nine planets:

Ruby(Manikya) for Sun
Ruby is the most costly gemstone that emits the red cosmic rays and provides good health to the wearer. It also gives him status and reputation in society. It is important to note that no two gemstones are to be worn at the same time as it may cause a negative impact on a person. Therefore, you must consult an astrologer in Delhi before ordering a gemstone.

Pearl(Moti) for Moon
Pearl is a powerful gemstone that helps in reducing stress and eliminate the chances of acquiring stomach ailments. It is said that it removes marital discords and promotes self-confidence in the wearer. There is a saying that a woman should wear a pearl around her neck in order to protect her chastity.

Emerald(Panna) for Mercury
A precious green-coloured gemstone, Panna is said to be useful for the control and regulation of the nervous system, tongue and vocal cords. It also rectifies the problems related to these organs such as stammering, low IQ level, etc.

Coral(Moonga) for Mars
Coral is a bright red-coloured gemstone that absorbs the red radiations of the light and is directly related to blood disorders. The red color of this gemstone is particularly related to the purifying of the blood and is said to heal the diseases related to blood such as anemia, hemophilia, etc.

Yellow Sapphire(Pukhraj) for Jupiter
A yellow coloured gemstone that signifies saintliness, piety, and purity of the soul. It is said to bring prosperity and luxuries for the wearer. It is effective for those who wish to have children. Also, the people who wish to tread on the path of righteousness and spirituality must wear this stone for positive outcomes.

Diamond (Heera) for Venus
Diamond is a transparent and sparkling gemstone that promotes opulence and economic gains. The person wearing this gemstone is generally known for his well-organized and systematic approach to life.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) for Saturn
Blue in colour, this stone is surrounded by myths because it has the fastest effect on its wearer. It is usually said that this gemstone works at two extremes - either it proves to be beneficial or it turns out to be harmful to the person who wears it. It may either inculcate confidence and provide success to the hardworking individual, or it may humiliate the wicked person and create obstacles in his life. It is extremely important to consult an expert astrologer in Delhi before wearing this gemstone.

Hessonite(Gomed) for Rahu
This gemstone is used to protect the wearer from the evil effects of the planet Rahu. It promotes financial stability and prevents enemies from conspiring against the wearer. It also helps in clarifying the mind of an individual and enhancing spiritual growth in them.

Cat’s eye (Lehsunia) for Ketu
This gemstone comes in many colours such as white, black, light red, pale blue and yellow. It is said to clear the hindrances in the success of an individual who seeks a high authoritarian position. It also protects the wearer from getting engaged in any kind of scandal and saves their reputation.

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Gemstones are instruments that control and dissipate the negative energies and kindle the positive energies in an individual. Buying gemstones is a costly investment and therefore, one must consult a good astrologer in Delhi NCR before proceeding further.