Today, there outgrowing buzz in the telecom market about the use of fax to email services and most of the large business organizations have already been using this system to ease their communication channel and to provide better services to their clients. However, those enterprises which have their own PBX equipment set up at their office with a large team maintaining the operations; it is easy to manage and configure this system with the help of a toll free number. When it comes to small business communication, the major hurdle is the expenditure involved. This is where the cloud comes in to resolve this issue of expenses.

Hosted PBX systems have made it easy for business enterprises to maintain all the expensive business communication features. These features are required to cater to the needs of small and medium scale enterprise communication. Internet fax is a new technique that allows you to utilize the VOIP based channel for channeling paper less faxing capabilities. The use of cloud ensures that your service is managed by some third party from some remote location. Wondering who can take these services and where you can get them from? Almost every business firm requiring communication can adopt this channel and these services can be easily provided by any hosted service provider. This expenditure is just a small fraction of the expensive phone system that is installed on-premise.

The benefits of using fax to email services include:
• Easy to use through a known user-friendly interface for sending and receiving faxes
• Eco-friendly as all documents can be easily shared in a soft form
• No cost of ownership and thus, no maintenance of the system setup
• Energy savings since there is no fax machine that has to function in 24x7 environment
• Multiple faxes can be sent through the composition of a single mail
• Cost-effective since VOIP channel is used instead of traditional phone lines
• Document sharing gets an entirely new interface for communication
• Fax services can be managed from anywhere, anytime

The procedure of use of fax to email or vice-versa is quite easy to understand though there are complexities where physical setup is established. The 800 number that is required to implement this feature with PBX is known as T.38 number. This number is different in the sense that it connects the dedicated line to fax and manages all communication from that number to your business. Why use this sort of fax is probably the next question that comes to your mind. This interface is developed for all the fax operations of those enterprises that are looking to effective cost-cutting solutions. The utilization of Hosted PBX VOIP lowers down the cost by around 80% of the cost involved otherwise.

How does this system work? The concept of email to fax and vice versa is quite simple. However, there is one requisite of this business phone setup i.e. both the communicating sides should have a VOIP integrated fax number. Choose the personalized email that you wish to use. This mail address can then be configured with fax option and you can simply compose the mail with TIFF or PDF attachment with the mail. The recipient address that you have to enter into the mail has to be followed by some different domain name that would be directed to his fax number. Moreover, you can send multiple faxes at the same time by adding a number of recipients in the mail. The use of Hosted PBX has thus made the use of this interface easy for small, medium and large business firms.

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VOIP Expert at The Real PBX ‘Adom Brown’ is a specialist in Small Business PBX systems. The Real PBX is a leading Hosted PBX provider which provides business class voice quality, real time customer assistance, scalable office business phone system office and more. Their enterprise class Virtual PBX services include top notch features like Fax to email.