The relationship between humans and horses is almost as old as time itself. Humans have often needed the help of horses for various reasons, and that same relationship is as prominent as ever in this modern era. 

However, nowadays, instead of horses being used as a mode of transport to take us from place to place, they are now being used to help us combat with bigger issues such as our mental and physical wellbeing. The results have been profound, and equine therapy has a proven track record, but who and how can it help people?

Who Can It Help?

In truth, equine therapy can be used by anybody that is suffering from mental health problems. It has also had proven success for those suffering from various addiction problems and also those with long-term physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

The biggest success that comes with the therapy is that it has an immediate positive impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of the person involved. The benefits that can be experienced from the therapy are instant, as the person involved will feel much better as soon as they are in contact with the horse.

The therapy isn’t just for one problem area, as it can be used for a wide variety of issues. Among the most popular are ADHD, autism and learning difficulties. 

Meanwhile, it has also been used by people that are suffering from eating disorders, those that have recently lost a loved one, and those that are suffering from PTSD or depression

It has also had a huge impact on those suffering from depression and anxiety.

How Does It Work?

The way that equine therapy works is actually very straightforward, as humans will simply sit on the horse and ride it around or simply groom the horse. 

Of course, since the equine beasts are typically scary for most people, given the amount of power that they have, only horses that have been trained to remain calm are involved in the therapy. 

Horses have a knack for realising the feelings of humans, which makes them react differently depending on how the person around them is feeling and will never be judgemental towards the person in front of them.

The bonding between horse and human is the most powerful thing in the therapy, as this will have immediate impacts on the self-awareness, confidence and emotional healing of the person involved in the therapy. The confidence will continue to grow throughout the therapy as people get more accustomed to the horse, and the relationship improves.

When Was Equine Therapy Introduced?

The relationship between humans and horses dates back for hundreds of years, and a form of equine therapy was used by Ancient Greeks. Little did they know then that the practises that they were using during hippotherapy would become as prominent as they are in this modern era. 

Nonetheless, it wasn’t until the 1900s that psychologists realised that there was something between horses and improving the mental health of people.

They also came across with the conclusion that the therapeutic nature of riding a horse would also have a profound impact on those suffering from disabilities affecting the moment of their legs. 

It was also found that the therapy would have a huge impact on a greater physical wellbeing, as riding horses has proven results that it improves to posture and structure health of those that are involved. 

It’s fair to say that equine therapy has never been more important than it is in this modern era, as the importance of a positive mental health has never been more essential.

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