Epididymitis will do great harm to men. In addition to directly affecting the quality of sexual life, it will also directly affect sexual function and may threaten fertility. Therefore, the patient must be treated correctly after diagnosis of the disease. It is better to use symptomatic treatment in time to treat the condition. It is not allowed to give up halfway or treat the disease wrongly.

How is epididymitis cured? Favorable and correct treatment has an outstanding effect.

The patients with epididymitis have no symptoms of pain and discomfort, and there is no abnormality in the corresponding examination in the hospital. At this time, the condition can be considered to have been cured, but there is a certain probability of recurrence of this disease. Therefore, patients must avoid blind drug withdrawal treatment before the condition is completely healed and use the correct treatment in sufficient amounts and duration to ensure the treatment effect. To achieve better treatment effects in a relatively short time, patients must have enough confidence and patience to treat their illnesses.

If it is chronic epididymitis, the treatment cycle will be relatively long. Some patients may have drug resistance after taking antibiotics for a long time, weakening pharmacodynamics. It is safer and more effective for these patients to use traditional Chinese medicine, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. And it is composed of more than 50 kinds of natural herbs, which can continuously eliminate symptoms without any adverse effects on the body.

The first thing to do with epididymitis is to pay attention to your health. For example, public bathhouses and swimming pools should be avoided as much as possible. During epididymitis, please pay attention to these hygiene, towels, and other bathing appliances, and try not to share them with others to avoid bacteria breeding.

Males with epididymitis must abstain from sexual life during the illness. Otherwise, the occurrence of sexual life will affect the treatment of the disease. We should also pay attention to food conditioning at ordinary times. Men must ensure that the food is light and non-irritating. And they should try not to eat anything irritating and not to cause inflammation, spread infection, and affect the treatment of disease.

Men can eat some nutritious light foods, especially vegetables, fruits, eggs, lean meat, fish, etc. Drinking more water and urinating more are beneficial to the treatment of diseases. Refrain from forming the bad habit of sitting and standing for a long time. In addition, the problem of urination must be solved promptly, so as not to cause repeated attacks or even aggravation the disease.

For patients with severe symptomatic inflammation, surgical treatment is also a consideration. So does epididymectomy affect sexual function?

The epididymis connects the vas deferens and testis. It helps sperm mature and plays a vital role in men. But the epididymis is very prone to tumors, so many people need to undergo epididymectomy, which will adversely affect men's health. It may even affect male reproductive and sexual functions. So we must pay enough attention to it.

As we all know, there are two epididymides. If men only need to remove one, it will not greatly impact male sexual function. It will only occasionally affect male normal erection, but it will not cause a more severe impact, so we need not worry too much.

However, if both epididymides are removed, it will have a severe impact on the sexual function of men, leading to impotence and other symptoms in men. It will also cause male infertility, so men must pay enough attention to this situation.

In our daily life, we must pay attention to protecting the health of the epididymis and try to avoid diseases, which is very helpful for maintaining the normal sexual function of men.

So what should men pay attention to in epididymectomy?

If the patient's condition is not very serious, we'd better take conservative treatment to control the situation and preserve the male sexual function. We had better not take surgical treatment before we had to. Otherwise, it would easily have a great impact on male sexual function.

After surgery, patients should pay more attention to rest and ensure adequate nutrition. They should eat more high-protein and high-vitamin foods at ordinary times to recover as soon as possible. In addition, patients can also take some traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing yin and kidney for conditioning, which is also helpful for the recovery of sexual function.

In short, if only one epididymis of the patient is removed, the impact on male sexual function will not be great. But if both epididymides are to be removed, it will lead to impotence in men and may cause infertility. So in general, we'd better take a conservative approach to treatment and try to preserve the male epididymis, so as not to cause accidents.

As long as men stick to the effective treatment of epididymitis, they can get the effect of curing the disease in a relatively short time. Patients must have good living and eating habits, which can ensure that the treatment effect is better and will not cause many adverse effects because of bad habits. In daily life, there must be enough rest time, not overwork.

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