Sex plays a vital part in any relationship and unfulfilled sex life might lead to feelings of guilt and rejection. Several men and women experience some kind of sexual problem or loss of desire because of diabetes. But, before we move forward, it is important that we first try to understand what diabetes is.

What do you mean by diabetes?

Diabetes, unfortunately, is a lifelong condition that causes one’s blood sugar level to become too high, hence making the body unable to use it efficiently. So, this happens because the pancreas that is located in the abdomen is unable to generate any or not enough insulin that helps sugar enter your body cells. In total there are two kinds of diabetes that have the potential to affect both women and men in adverse ways.

Now, what are the common problems faced by both of them?

For men: Several studies have shown that men who have diabetes, especially type 2 are usually overweight or have twice the risk of low testosterone compared to their peers without the disease, which has the potential to affect a man’s passion for sex. When low testosterone is treated by losing weight and/or taking testosterone therapy, many men have renewed desire for sex.

For women: A few studies suggest that consuming testosterone can increase sexual desire in women. Moreover, post-menopausal women had a more sexual appetite after consuming testosterone for as long as six months, but the treatment is still understudied, especially the long-term effects it can have on women’s health.

And, things don’t end here, it has become difficult to determine whether a particular woman's low libido is a result of diabetes, hormones, or something else entirely. This is because low libido is common in women regardless of diabetes.

What are some steps that can help reduce sexual complications?

  • Vaginal dryness: Well, there’s a lot you can do on your own that can help improve the sex life regardless of diabetes. To begin with, for women the most common problem is vaginal dryness. So, in order to heal that a little, you can use lube or lubricated condoms by one of the best brands such as Manforce Condoms. Both of them will help replace the moisture that has been lost due to diabetes.
  • Exercise: If you are overweight, then it contributes to loss of libido. So, if you are looking for a way to fight back then losing weight can help your health drastically.
  • Be creative: If you are facing issues while you are trying to get aroused, try to go beyond your go-to bedroom moves. Maybe, try to explore positions, different ways you can climax, and adult toys.
  • Try to limit alcohol consumption: Little bit of alcohol may boost your desire, however, drinking too much can make your blood sugar level drop quickly. If you do consume alcohol, take a sip or two with a meal or a snack, as it might limit its effects on your blood sugar. If you are a man who has trouble keeping an erection, go light on the alcohol.
  • Seek help: If you have depression, anxiety, self-image issues, or any other emotional concerns that act as a threat to your sex life then seek help from professionals. Individual or couple therapy can help you talk about your issues more freely and then work out solutions. Your doctor can suggest treatments for most of the sexual issues, leading from painful sex to orgasms.
  • Final Note

    Your outlook towards sex can set the stage. Moreover, with diabetes, you need to expect the unexpected, and if nothing, having a sense of humour towards the situation might help. If you communicate with your partner and the doctor about all the issues, you will lead a healthy sex life. So, here’s hoping that the aforementioned tips will help you.

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