Chiropractic care is widely known to help alleviate extreme back pain and other types of bodily pain. People who suffer from back pain prefer to undergo chiropractic treatments instead of taking medication or undergoing surgery. Constant back pain is discomforting and it will prevent you to be active. It will restrict your movements and will affect your daily activities. If you are suffering from an extremely painful back, you must seek chiropractic services immediately.

A chiropractor will evaluate you before treatment starts. The doctor of chiropractic has to determine the root cause of your extreme back pain first. There are cases that can be treated with chiropractic care while some will require surgical attention already. If your back is very painful, you may have a slipped disc. Discs are shock absorbers in the spine. They are located in between each vertebra. Discs provide support and allow the body to move from side to side. If there are no discs in the spine, it will not function. A slipped disc or herniated disc happens when the disc become ruptured or bulging. The soft gel-like center of the disc comes out due to the crack in the outer layer of the disc. Anyone who has slipped disc will experience intense back pain.

How do chiropractors treat extreme back pain caused by a herniated disc? If the evaluation results show that your herniated disc condition can be treated with chiropractic care, the chiropractor will start developing a treatment plan for you. Such treatment plan will include spinal manipulations and other techniques to ease the symptoms of a herniated disc. This treatment plan is individualized and only applicable in your case as each patient is different. In addition, therapeutic exercises and manual therapies will be included in the treatment too.

On the other hand, if your extreme back pain is experienced in the lower portion of the back and has been proven not to be caused by a herniated disc, there is a different approach to be used. Herniated disc conditions are more fragile as the chiropractor does not want to make the condition worse. For those with lower back pain, the chiropractor will perform spinal manipulation. This type of manipulation is a high-velocity thrust applied on the vertebra. This adjustment will re-align the spine and improve the functionality of the body. It will also reduce nerve irritability and reduce the pain.

Chiropractors can also use physical therapy modalities in order to treat extreme lower back pain. This includes ultrasound, traction and electrical stimulation to reduce the pain and inflammation. Exercises are part of the treatment plan too. Not only do exercises improve cardiovascular health but it also helps in stretching and strengthening joints and muscles. The back holds the body together which is why it is important that it is always strong and healthy. In the case that the person experiences extreme lower back pain due to flat feet, he may prescribe arch supports to help stabilize the pelvis. This will alleviate the pain in the lower back as the pelvis will be in a stable position already.

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