Blogging is relatively new still but it has been around for almost two decades now. That being said, you can probably throw a stick and hit a blogger with it. There are many different types of blogs and bloggers and they give you an insight in all sorts of worlds that you might have never experienced otherwise. When it comes to the kind of influence that bloggers can have over the environment, we can say that it’s a pretty big one. So how does a blogger influence what’s happening to the environment?

Well, they don’t make trees grow faster literally, and they can’t stop air pollution by throwing their keyboards into their air. What they can do however is influence people, and people are directly responsible to what happens to the environment. Here, we look at some of the biggest things that bloggers can do to help.

Provide knowledge

There is all kinds of knowledge that can be earned from reading a competent blog. Whether you want to learn about the environment thoroughly or even have ammendments explained to you, you can probably find that information in a blog online. When it comes to environmental knowledge, bloggers that are in the loop about what’s going on in the world can spread the word and bring other people up to speed on the current situation. Unfortunately, not all people are even aware of some of the things going on, and blogs are their window to the big world out there..

Bring people together

People are strongest when they unite for a greater cause. However, getting in touch with people that share your point of view or determination might be hard. Blogs offer a platform where likeminded people are able to connect. Once they are connected, they can proceed to share ideas and thoughts, share experiences and even meet up in person. And that is actually how friendships, movements and even revolutions begin. That is some mighty power bloggers have, but not a lot of people think so highly of them.

Offer support and solidarity

Similarly to the aforementioned point of finding people with similar ideas, blogs can also be a place of support. Whatever happens, blogs can offer the support of an entire community to a cause or to an event. Humans are naturally in need of relating to their kind and as a result they need to find others that they can share with in their victories but also their suffering. Today, a lot of environmental tragedies happen and it’s great to have a place where you know that you can go for unlimited support.

Act as a gateway

It’s not just about bringing people together but also offering institutions and organizations a direct gateway towards communities of people that would benefit most from their efforts. Through blogs, environmentally conscious organizations can directly target large groups of people which would most benefit from their actions and services. One of the difficulties with offering your help to people in need is actually getting all the people in need of your services in one place. That is, of course, unless they can be gathered up through a blog or a similar platform.

These are some of the benefits brought forth by bloggers and their blogs. Those with large followings have an important power to harness for noble causes if they so choose.

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Robert Alleson