You’ve probably noticed a significant drop in your website’s traffic, if not a sudden drop on your keywords ranking, recently. If you have, chalk it up to the latest software updates from Google Penguin which has essentially rocked the SEO and online marketing industry given its reconfigured algorithms. The update, while it promises to deliver faster and more efficient results for search engine users, prove to be detrimental to the current SEO techniques being practiced today, requiring organizations, businesses and companies to reconfigure their approach towards traditional SEO practices.

Anyone who was lucky enough to have been able to bypass this update should not readily assume that they will not fall prey to the changes. No one can specifically predict when the next version of the Penguin update will affect your website. In any case, you do not want your website to be a victim of Penguin updates thus not being able to drive traffic to your site—the goal is to ensure that other updates in the near future makes your site impervious to algorithm changes, which is only possible if your hire the best SEO company.

Hiring professional SEO agencies is an essential first step that an individual must take in order to protect the website from the complications of the Penguin update. The biggest advantage of availing the SEO services is that it goes a long way in guaranteeing that the website is not hurt by any kind of update and most importantly attain the better rankings than what was earlier.

Measures SEO Agencies provide to recover from Penguin Update

An SEO company suggests various critical remedial measures that must be incorporated so that the site can be good enough for Google. Some of the measures undertaken or suggested by the SEO experts are as follows:

1. Eliminate duplicate content issues.

2. Analyze the keyword density of website content.

3. Keep an update on the competitors’ rankings and learn from their mistakes whenever there is significant drop in traffic.

4. Use the Meta description tags properly.

5. Do not over optimize the website.

6. Concentrate on generating top quality links from the best websites.

7. Laying emphasis on creating quality, plagiarism free, On-page and Off-page website content.

To conclude, it is quite clear that employing ethical means of promoting a website combined with the best SEO services will certainly yield good rewards in the form of good rankings and profit.

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