Language is the most significant medium of connection. Be it between one individual and another or between business and its customers. For business owners, it is very important to communicate with their native clients in the language they understand. Only then, they will be able to drive sales. For ensuring that they drive more customers to their e-store, several Magento entrepreneurs are turning their e-store into a multilingual one. And to be able to do that, they need to install a Magento Multi Language Extension.

When you visit a website that shows language unknown to you, you often get a pop that says “Would you like to translate this page?” When you click on “Translate,” it translates the content for you. Now, if you do not provide a facility like this one, it can have its effects. Given below are some of the facts that might surprise you.

> 74% buyers said that they would consider buying from a brand if the after-sales care is in the language known to them.

> Nearly 73% online buyers like to shop from the website that communicates in their local language.

> For 76% of the companies, it is challenging to maintain content accuracy in native languages.

> 56% of online buyers believe that it is more important for them to understand the language on the website than knowing the prices of products.

The above facts are very depictive of the fact that the sooner you have a Magento Multi Language Store Setup, the better. But before you invest into one of these extensions, you must know about the ways in which can help you to streamline the translating process for you. Here’s brief to the ways in which it can help.

Translate the Store Content Seamlessly

The content on the website provides the details about your products and services in detail. So, whenever you need to translate, a language translator extension helps you do that seamlessly in the language of your choices. Most of these extensions come with a WYSIWYG editor and enables website owners to translate the description of the products easily. It is also possible to translate meta keywords into local language so that you can make your website SEO friendly in local language.

Remember, a multilingual store will give you a competitive edge over others. So, the sooner you work towards building it, the better.

Have control over what you want to translate

If you have used manual translators, you must have observed that they go haywire with their working sometimes. They either translate the entire content or do not all! Magento Extension, on the other hand gives all the translation control to the admin. Using it, the website owner can decide which part of the website content they want to translate. All they need to do is decide the CMS pages, products, and categories that they want to translate.

The above given feature gives much freedom to the store owners as they can translate content in bulk as well as parts.

Translate As Much As You Want

A good quality Magento Multi Language Extension will not confine you with word limitations. In fact, you will be able to translate as many words as you want, whenever you want. This is not possible with manual translators. When you hire them, there’s a limitation to how much they can translate at once. So, why not go for automated extension that has no limitation to its potential?

When you choose to buy one for yourself, make sure that it works according to the translation limits you set for it.

Translate Reviews

Reviews are the first thing that customers go through before buying any product or services from a brand. Thus, it becomes very important to translate reviews in the language that your customers know. Imagine hiring a human translator or taking help from someone everytime there is a new review on your store. Not possible. Right? Well, a translation extension does it all.

You just need to set a particular store view and set your preferable review language whenever you want.

As a business owner, you wouldn’t want to limit your products to a particular country. So why not expand your horizons and have a multilingual store that communicates exactly what it should. Get one of these extensions for your business at the earliest!

Summary: A Magento Multi Language Extension renders the ecommerce store owners with seamless translation facility and helps them reach global audiences. Know about the ways in which an extension like this can help.

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Mr. Maulik Shah, Founder and CEO at AppJetty, is a tech enthusiast and fond of writing on various ecommerce trends and technologies like magento extensions (magento language translator).