Call centers need to make sure that the agents get required tools and training to perform at their best. The job of a call center agent is tough and that’s the reason the retention ratio of agents is too low in many call centers. This is the reason many call centers do everything possible to increase the productivity of the agents. The call center solution is one of the important tools in an ecosystem of the call center, which contribute in increasing productivity of the call center. In this article, I will share how the call center software can actually increase the productivity of call center. If you have a call center, you must make sure that your call center solution has these features and you use these features in the mentioned manner so you can leverage required benefits from the best call center solution.

Use appropriate call routing rule

Each call center has different types of campaigns to handle. Thus, one common call routing rule may not be the best for all call centers. The call center solution usually comes with many different types of call routing rules. Some of them are listed below:

• Skill based call routing
• Automated call routing
• Advanced call routing
• Sticky agent
• Least wrap-up time call routing
• Longest idle agent call routing

The call center can use the call routing rules based on the operational style or type of the campaign. One call center can also take benefit of using multiple call routing rules of the call center based on the campaign. This helps in increasing the productivity of the agents.

Coach Agents in Real-time

The call centers often conduct periodic or regular training sessions for their agents. However, it is important to provide real time coaching to agents. This helps them in getting improved in a personalized manner because not all agents are same. The call center solutions generally have agent training and coaching features. For example, barge-in can be used to listen to the ongoing conversation between a customer and an agent. This helps in understanding weaknesses and strengths of the agents without their knowledge and then the manager can provide personalized training to the agents based on the observations made. One more feature is Whisper. This feature of the call center solution lets a manager coach agent to give responses to the customer and that also without the acknowledgement of the customer. In this way, the agent can get coached by his / her supervisor in real time. The best call center solutions often come with many other features which help in understanding how the agents are performing and how the call centers can define and conduct various training programs in order to help agents improve their performance.

The call center solutions come with some really useful features which reduce the work and save time of agents so the saved time can be used in more productive tasks.

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Mehul S works in call center solution provide company that offers VICIDial customization, call center CRM integration, web phone and similar solutions to the call centers.