Clouds of controversy have surrounded treatments like Brazilian Blowout since 2005. The presence of formaldehyde in the smoothening solution of the treatment has sparked a debate about the safety of these treatments.

The National Toxicology Program, in 2011, declared formaldehyde as a human carcinogen.

According to experts, formaldehyde gas can easily enter scalp skin and follicles when the solution containing this chemical is heated (which is required for smooth application).

Even products that claim of not containing formaldehyde directly are not innocent. This is because the compounds they contain, when heated, release formaldehyde gas.

Formaldehyde permanently damages follicles, says a research.

So, it’s official: Treatments like Brazilian blowout damage hair health.

This is not all.

According to research, formaldehyde is also harmful to overall health.

Several women, after undergoing the blowout treatment, reported nausea, dizziness, and headache. This is because they inhaled the formaldehyde gas, which was released when the stylist applied heat to their hair strands during the smoothening process.

Go formaldehyde free
If you wish to undergo keratin treatment for hair loss, choose one that does not use formaldehyde. You can also use shampoos that contain keratin substances. They form a thin keratin film around each cuticle, closing them neatly and adding shine and smoothness to your hair with every wash. Keranique is one of them.

One of the big lessons of 2020 is to embrace nature.

So, choose shampoos and hair products that contain botanical extracts, vitamins, minerals, essential oil extracts, and others. Do away with chemicals. They do more harm than good.

Common chemical treatments in the salon make your tresses silky and shiny; but this is a temporary effect. To maintain the effect, you must undergo these treatments regularly. In the long run, they turn hair brittle and dry, not mentioning how much they expose you to carcinogenic gases.

Instead, why not choose the best shampoo for hair growth and thickening?
They save you from harmful chemicals and provide hair-friendly ingredients.

Reviving damaged hair

One of the famous Hollywood celebrities had to chop off her hair 6 inches after her Brazilian blowout treatment went wrong.

Once hair strands are irreversibly damaged, the only way is to trim them. At times, the trim goes more than 6 inches.

If you leave damaged hair untrimmed, eventually, the strands will split across the whole length and fall out, besides giving your mane the damaged look.

Expert tip: When it comes to hair care, prefer natural to chemical. This will help you keep your tresses healthy in the long run.

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