How Bong Works and How to use it

Bongs are water pipes used for smoking weed. The use of bongs dates back to centuries when they are the most often-used device for smoking cannabis. These devices are deeply rooted in the culture of weed smoking that many weed enthusiasts have turned into unique personalities by naming them. 

The bong, as we know it today, did not start with the same design. The sophisticated glass bongs originated from round wooden bamboo tubes used hundreds of years ago. Modern devices come in different designs and forms. 

The most common among them are the clear glass tubes featuring a bowl and downstem. Apart from glass, they are also made from ceramic, bamboo, and plastic. Suffice to mention that plastic bongs are dangerous as they pose health hazards when heated up. It can also melt, which can cause hazardous gases to form.

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How Does a Bong work?

As mentioned, a bong is a water pipe for smoking cannabis. They come in different sizes and shapes. Some have basic designs with just a chamber and bowl, while others have colorful and mouth-blown designs. Irrespective of your water pipe design, it does the same work as other bongs. They cool down and filter smoke from burning weed. 

A bong comes with a small bowl, which holds the dried cannabis. When the user lights the weed, it immediately combusts, and when you inhale, the water at the bottom of the bong percolates. Then, the smoke rises through the water and chamber before it enters your mouth and then the lungs.

What are the Elements of a Bong?

A bong features a couple of essential parts. These parts are universal to each bong, irrespective of the design, style, or sophistication. Let us look at these components one after the other.


The bowl of the water pipe is where the cannabis is stored while using it. The marijuana sits in the bowl, where it is held carefully in the internal divot. This makes it easy to light it and get the burning started. The bowl is attached to the stem, making it seamless for the smoke to move straight down into the tube.


This is the most recognizable part of a bong. It is also known as the chamber where the weed smoke pools before you inhale it. The smoke held in the tube has been filtered and cooled by the water in the bowl. This makes it easy to inhale the smoke anytime you are ready without worrying about getting unfiltered smoke into your lungs. The tube comes in a straight and cylindrical appearance for all types of bongs.


This is also known as the choke or carb. It is one of the components that may not come with all bongs. However, it is important to know what it is and how it works. The carburetor is a tiny hole located on the glass pipe. 

It is close to the bowl on the side of the water pipe. If your bong comes with a carb, you should ensure that you cover it with your finger or thumb when inhaling the first part of your puff. You can then release the hole to allow air to flow via the carburetor hole when you inhale the second half to get your hit.

  • Downstem

The downstem is a small, opaque tube that connects both the tube and the bowl. Some bongs come with special stems that enable them to serve more than just basic holding devices. Some devices have their stems as a part of the component that holds water. 

This design frees up the water pipe from having a flared, wider bottom at the base. When you remove the stem from its location, you will see the next important element of the bong exposed.

  • Base

This is the bottom part of the water pipe. It contains the water used for cooling and filtering cannabis smoke. This part of the bong comes in different designs for different products. However, they are all mostly shaped like a beaker with a flared bottom, making it easier to hold it erect during use.

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Step-by-step Guide on How to Use a Bong

Using a bong is not that simple. It requires a bit of getting used to. Before you buy your water pipe, it is recommended that you get a theoretical idea of how it works. That would make it a bit easier for you when using the physical device. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to use a bong.

 Step 1: Grind up your weed to achieve a coarse texture. Make sure that the cannabis is not too large, so you do not struggle to light it up. It should also not be too small because if it is, the particles will fall into the stem and fall off into the bong water pipe. 

Step 2: Fill up the bong base with water. Make sure the water stops just below the carburetor’s hole and a little above the end of the stem. 

Step 3: Light the weed. Breathe in carefully as the weed gently catches when you light the weed. This will enable the smoke to pull to the tube via the stem before getting your first hit. When the smoke passes through the water, it gets filtered, cooled, and purified. This lets you inhale cool smoke without residual plants or resins from the weed. 

Step 4: When the smoke is pooled in the tube, inhale the smoke by removing the step or uncovering the carb. The method you use will depend on the type of bong you are using. 

You have just had your first hit from the bong! If you are new to using a bong, you need to exercise caution. You will inhale the entire smoke from the weed in a single shot. That means all the smoke will enter your lungs at the same time. 

It is common for inexperienced smokers to go into a coughing fit. It is recommended that you have a glass of cool water around when you take your first swing to help you calm your inflamed throat in case you start coughing.

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