When women were asked to describe their dream partners, a big number of them stated being tall is one of the very important criterions they look for when selecting a potential partner. Women prefer men who are tall or at least similar in height.

You might be thinking this section wouldn’t be of any help if you're not tall but that’s not entirely correct. The point is not about being tall; it’s all about ‘standing tall’. For example, when walking with a curved back you lose much of your power of attraction. Sadly, most people don’t know how tomove or sit with a straight back.

According to body language, a straight back is an indication that you are feeling confident and as a result, you appear more attractive when you keep your back straight. It was also found that people become more attracted to those who appear to be confident and in control than those who appear to be shy or anxious. A straight back will definitely change the impression people form of you and will certainly help you to appear more attractive.

When something is repeated over and over it starts to have a powerful effect even if it was very little. Many couples who used to love each other get divorced due to small, but repetitive reasons.

If, for example, a woman doesn’t like the way her husband eats, the more she sees him eating the less attractive she will find him. Lack of self confidence can also make you appear much less attractive. The more you're seen with a curved back the lesser your total score is going to be.

The subconscious mind of any person can spot people who are confident and those who aren’t confident in just a few seconds. The only difference between me as a body language expert and any other person who knows nothing about body language is not the ability to detect human emotions but the ability to tell why a person is experiencing a particular emotion.

For example, I can judge whether a specific person feels confident taking into account of a specific posture he's taking. Whilst another person who has never heard about body language will just sense the feelings of confidence, without knowing how he did it.

The advantage of understanding body language is that it allows you to send signals or messages, even to those who don’t understand body language. So why not send confidence signals to the person you love?

As you will further learn in this book, self confidence will not only make you attractive, but it will also increase the chance of making your target fall in love with you.

Thus far, I have not as yet found a book that makes reference to the importance of self confidence in making someone fall in love with you, and I have not found a book that also explained how someone can appear to be confident. So, here are a few practical things you need to do in order to appear confident in front of your target.

* Never cross your arms or your legs; this only shows that you are uncomfortable or even afraid
* Clasp your hands in front of your stomach, not most of the time, but as often as possible
* Put your hands behind your back, again not most of the time (see the picture below)
* Keep your back straight
* Walk with fast and wide steps
* Let your finger tips touch each other once or twice during the conversation (see the picture below)
* Don’t panic when you make a mistake or drop something; everybody makes mistakes. Confident people accept this fact, whilst those who lack confidence make a fuss about it
* Never put both hands in your pockets. This shows in most cases, you are not satisfied with your self image.

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www.2knowmyself.com, The ultimate source for self understanding

10,000,000 Million visits and counting. How to become more attractive