Nowadays, it is true that lots of people tend to be very negative. Everybody is negative about the taxes they pay, those who do not have a job moan for unemployment, those who have moan for the low wages and all together moan for the politicians. I understand. The global economic situation, is historically one of the most difficult ones.

Now, close your eyes and just do not think of a blue elephant….

…What did you see? What did you think of?

That is a very easy way to realize that whenever we focus on something, it is there. Do you want better health, better relationships and prosperity? Then give thanks to the universe, to the higher power in which you believe (depending on your religious beliefs) for all the things you have. Start counting you blessings and your life will be better.
You see, in life, first we give and then we receive. That is a rule which unfortunately we were never taught at school. So every time that you do not give thanks for what you have, it is like focusing on what you do not have. Think about it. You are stuck in the traffic and really upset…but you do not realize that you are blessed with a car (or transportation, others can not even afford to pay the ticket), with the ability to move (you are healthy) and you are doing something. It does not even cross your mind that it is a blessing to have streets, traffic lights, policemen. It is very important to focus on those blessings, in order to have more coming towards you. “But we have paid for all the streets and traffic lights, so we must have them” said a graduate of our workshops. And I reminded him of Japan, where in 6 minutes, on the 11th of March 2011, part of the country was destroyed with 16.000 lives lost, 125.000 buildings knocked down and 10 trillion damages. It is important not to take anything for granted….Nothing is given.

I suggest you start now, write down 10 things that you are thankful for. Beginning from yourself, your health (if you have a health problem, start from the healthy parts of your body) and write “I am thankful…..because….”
If you do that for the next 30 days, every morning,
your life, attitude and mood will get better…I promise!
Be unique!
Jill Douka

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“Jill Douka supports people to take action, feel secure and get the greatest value from their future. She is a coach, workshop leader and author, lives in Athens, Greece, next to the sea, working with clients from 3 continents. She is the founder of”