Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition where a male cannot hold an erection for sexual intercourse. It affects almost 52% of the male population of the ages between 40 and 70. This inability to achieve or maintain the erection can be caused by any of several medical, physical, psychological or emotional problems. Erectile dysfunction is a serious health problem leading to a reduced quality of life. While looking for a proper medical aid, a comprehensive evaluation of ED is required. The treatment requires complete medical history along with sexual details, a physical examination, a psychological assessment and a few appropriate laboratory tests. Then doctors can analyze the root cause of the problem. Though there are several medicines to treat ED, people prefer natural treatments to stay away from the side-effects of medicines such as heart attack, vision problems, stroke and damage of the pennies due to the abnormal long hours of erection. By employing acupuncture for erectile dysfunction, the ability to maintain an erection is improved. However, a proper erection during sexual intercourse not only improves the overall satisfaction of the partners but enhances the quality of life by improving the function of pennies and reducing the stress.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

• Failure to get an erection during sex
• Inability to keep an erection for sufficient time
• Decreased sexual desire

Acupuncture is an alternative to conventional treatment that helps in stimulating the nerves that release hormones. This fundamental treatment dates back over 5000 years and is still in use.. Acupuncture treatment increases blood circulation in the body and regulates the overall health of an individual. The acupuncturist uses a needle to balanced different hormones and to unblock energy pathways thereby allowing natural healing. But before initiating the acupuncture treatment, the practitioner first inspects the patient and feels the pulse. After diagnosing the problems of the patient, the treatment is accomplished by inserting solid needles in a group of customized points, which will help improve the function of kidney, adrenal gland, heart and testicles. These hair-like thin needles are inserted just under the skin at specific points on the body to activate and redirect energy. Acupuncture stimulates specific acupoints and restores the proper balance between yin and yang (the opposite forces), thereby relieving symptoms of erectile dysfunction. With the equilibrium of Yin and Yang, men can achieve normal erectile function.

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Li Zheng is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and a graduate of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine with 11 years of formal training, including 6 years of residency. She holds a Ph.D. in neuro science from the US and is a Harvard Medical School-trained researcher and a professor at the New England School of Acupuncture. Her two practices are located in Needham, MA and Boca Raton, FL. She has 26 years of clinical experience. Here she is sharing the information about
Acupuncture For Erectile Dysfunction