My journey as a small business owner has taught me a lot about myself over the past year. By nature, I am an introvert and have had to overcome many mental hurdles to try and make my marketing company in San Diego California, a success.

Like many people, I often question if I am doing the right thing. Is my business is flourishing or dragging along because of my mentality. Am I self-aware of what's going on and working to make changes for the better?

A Fight Within

I have never shared this before, but there are days that my anxiety is immensely heightened and causes the flight or fight response. So there are days where literally fight me to get things done. Some days are better than others, and I use techniques and coping mechanisms that I have learned to help. Which is good, but the feeling never totally goes away. I guess I am writing this to let other people with similar issues know that they are not alone.

Starting My Own Business

Starting my own company has been a struggle but also has taught me to take better control of my life and have less fear towards the unknown. For example, I have always hated talking on the phone. The main reason is that I fear not knowing what to say, which makes the conversation feel like it has long lulls and turns awkward. These things are often built up in my mind and aren't necessarily true. Yes, some of the phone calls I had to take for business haven't gone the way I would like, but that doesn't mean the conversation was a complete failure. At the very least, it's practice for the next phone call, and the more comfortable you become, the better you will feel.

Now I don't want you reading into this thinking that I am telling you to start a business I am not. What I am saying is, at times, making yourself uncomfortable; it's the only way you will learn to grow. People with anxiety tend to want to control everything. When that doesn't happen, we either lash out or cower and retreat. By making yourself uncomfortable, you will help destigmatize the feelings you have within.

I Have Learned A Lot

Running a small business has been tough, and I have learned a lot along the way. I have also made my fair share of mistakes. I tend to beat myself up over these mistakes. With that said, I am trying a new approach to learning from these mistakes and then let it go. Harboring anger or fear doesn't help me or my business.

Your Not Alone
As I write this article, a lot is going on in the world. We are dealing with Covid-19, a weak economy, and racial unjust. I understand this can cause fear and worry in all of us, and I would be lying if I said it hadn't affected me. I hope you know you are not alone, even when it might feel like it. Just try to keep positive, and don't be afraid of change because it's a great way to grow as a person.

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I am a professional writer and illustrator. I did journalism.