As the significance of social media platforms is rapidly increasing, B2B marketers have felt the need to look past traditional marketing techniques and become innovative.
Those days are long gone when a simple cold call or TV Ad could boost your sales. In today’s modern B2B environment, clients have become informed and have access to many more media channels than ever. With so many opportunities yet fewer chances of actually making an impact, what should you do?

That’s where influencers enter the game. With the help of influencers, many people have achieved success in expanding their potential reach to new heights. The best thing about influencer marketing is that it isn’t only reserved for B2C companies. In fact, B2B marketplace can also benefit from this marketing strategy with an ideal plan.

Influencer Marketing Generates the Highest ROI
According to a study by Nielsen and TapInfluence, influencer marketing can boost your ROI by 11x, in comparison to traditional marketing.

On the other hand, Videofruit has stated that they managed to improve their unique page views by a whopping 600%. Apart from that, they also saw an 8% increase in average time on page and a drop of 6% in the bounce rate. All this because of one particular strategy, influencer marketing.
The examples mentioned above are just a few. If you start looking for more, it’ll take you weeks just to go through them all.

Challenges of Influencer Marketing

There is no doubt in stating that B2B influencer market, if done correctly, will generate fruitful results. However, this game-changing marketing strategy is known for its complexity, and this aspect can create many hurdles for B2B marketers.

One crucial challenge that all marketers will face is finding the right influencer. You can give pick any bone from the plate and use it. You need to pick the best one. That best one will require days of research and communication. Even if you find an influencer who is ideal for your business, that doesn’t mean that they’ll agree with helping you out.

However, you can counter this barrier by merely using your employees in the form of brand ambassadors. You can share your employee’s opinions and reviews considering your business, brand and its services.

Another way you can go ahead with influencer marketing is by using your current clientele. Now that customers have started taking more time before making purchase decisions, you need to deal with them more realistically. Use your present client review and opinions to leverage your influencer marketing campaign and end up in a win-win position.

Wrap Up

In comparison with any other marketing approach, your job as a game changer is to make a great plan. However, you need to keep a few things in mind. Start off by working on which message, product, or service your influencer will share. Secondly, you need to go through all possible channel options, with the help of past analytics and your budget plan, which you can use to initiate this marketing campaign.
Once you have everything planned out, you are good to go!

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Beatrice Mcgraw is a Digital Marketing Manager at international B2B marketplace - ExportHub. She has got some serious skills associated with ‘content creation’ and innovative digital marketing. Years of work in the B2B industry and passion for creative content led her to become a successful strategist, marketer and a deep seated blogger at the same time. Follow her on twitter @McgrawBeatrice.