Asthma is a chronic disease that affects around 235 million people around the globe. It happens to the kids more. Even my asthma was detected when I turned 7, which makes me kept an inhaler in my pocket and whenever I gasped for breath, my mom (at that time I was just a toddler) or later on me used to push an inhaler, to make the breathing smooth.

But mom never trusted the frequent use of this inhaler as she thought it to be a steroidal treatment. It can make me obese, bone loss, acne breakout and many other side effects. She always used to make me drink hot water. Although my asthma wasn't in a severe condition and never had to be hospitalized. Many things trigger asthma like dust, pets, stuffed toys, smoke, and pollution, dry or cold air. And it did censor my various child activities.

I was born a healthy baby, but was showing some symptoms like coughing consistently, runny nose and wheezing. I missed my many childhood dreams. The first thing that I had to give up as a kid giving was my pet doggy, Django. My folks thought that I was allergic to that. I never tasted ice cream, until I was operated for my tonsils at 7, then the whole mouth was filled with ice creams of various tastes.

How I Know i Have Asthma?

  • Asthma appeared, when one day my folks left me at their friend's house as both had to go on a wedding and return after 2 days. I was in the 2nd class and was giving annual exams. I was ambushed by an asthma attack, interrupting my sleep and I began coughing hysterically. I missed my inhaler as it was lying in my house, which was locked.
  • My mom used to make me drink hot water, I ran to the bathroom and put hot water in a glass and began sipping it. But coughing didn't drive away. After some time I was knocking the door of my uncle & auntie and he drove me to a chemist shop that remained open for 24 hours and bought an inhaler. He pumped into my mouth and everything became normal.
  • I mentioned this incident, because asthma is a serious chronic disease. Don't try for home remedies, better avail the help of a doctor to ease it. If ignored or avoiding the things that trigger it, can get severe and ultimately prove fatal for the patient of asthma.
  • My folks returned from the wedding after 2 nights, when they came to get me, my uncle explained the whole incident to my parents, who took me to a doctor straight away. The doctor prescribed a few medicines & syrups and asked my parents to keep a spare inhaler in the house.
  • He even taught me how to use it. “Shake before you push the button, show me how you'll do it” he said. I took the inhaler in my tiny hands and shook it vigorously and then pushed the pin down sprinkled the liquid in my mouth.
  • Fine baby, but don't shake it so vigorously, just 2 or 3 times is fine” he said. “OK. Uncle' I said “and thank you.” My dad paid the doctor and all 3 of us came home.
  • In future I was made to avoid going out, as the environment is becoming more polluted, dusty and noisy. I couldn't have chilled water, even during the summer. I missed all of the outdoor games during my school days and always kept an inhaler in my pocket.
  • Was not allowed to go on school tours, which used to go to some hill stations. But what could I do? My friends and colleagues used to venture out and later told me the stories that sometimes I used to cry. Still then, life kept rolling and I also came along.

How I Find the Treatment of Asthma?

  • During my high school days while watching youtube videos with my close friends, a friend called me “Hey, Sandra, look at this video.
  • I think I found a cure for you.” It was Sandy, I ran to him and yelled “what, where, how” I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw many patients coming out of a clinic found their asthma gone and praising some kind of doctors.
  • I asked him” where is this clinic? I want to know now.” I was desperate for it. He clicked on the net and gave me a web site, which opened immediately and we had their whatsapp number(+91-8427864030) and we called, but got no answer. “Is it a fake one?” I inquired. “Don't know!
  • You do one thing drop in your number and ask for a remedy for asthma as I know Ayurvedic people having outlets in the US” he replied. “OK fine I'll do that right now” following his decisions, I did that. We chatted with each other for some time and then I went home.
  • After a few hours when I was about to hit the sack, my mobile rang, I picked it up and a lady asked.”are you an asthma patient and you need a treatment?” “Yes that's me, do you have a treatment?' I inquired. “Yes, we do have a remedy, but before that you need to send all the tests & reports, medical bills and the whole history to us on this number.
  • We are going to analyze your problem and let you know a little later, OK?” she replied. “Fine ma'am,” I narrated my whole story and send all the paperwork to them through their whatsapp number.
  • The next morning my phone rang, it was the same lady, “Hello how are you Sandra? “Fine “ I said yawning. “Wash your face and I'll Hold on” “Sure ma'am” I ran towards my toilet and washed my face, sprinkling the cold tap water in my eyes and after drying with the towel I picked the phone and said ”yes ma'am.”

What Herbal Remedies They Recommend?

  • I am going to give you a prescription that you have to follow strictly and will have to change your diet intake also, is it fine?” she asked. “Sure ma'am, no problem at all” I said “I am ready to do anything to get rid of this asthma.” “Well first tell me where do you live?” she asked. “At Santa Barbara in California, ma'am,” I replied. “OK fine, we have our distributor in Fresno, you will get the address from our website, You know? You need Asthma Care Pack” she said. “Yes ma'am I know, all the dosage is written on it, but even he has the what's app, contact him and tell the details you told me and he will recommend the dosage accordingly.
  • You can also make video call to him and discuss the detail, OK?” she asked. “And what about the diet ma'am?” I asked. “I am telling you, better note it down somewhere,” she replied. “Yes ma'am, I have my laptop open” I said. “OK, mix half a cup of ginger tea with 2 or 3 cloves of garlic,boil a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger in one glass of milk and add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder in it and drink it, make tea by half teaspoon licorice and half teaspoon of ginger, ½ teaspoon of bay leaf and 1/4 teaspoon of pipaali mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey taken 2 to 3 times a day and there are many more.

How I Get The Medicines in My Country?

  • Do visit our distributor and meet him physically, let him judge which food suits you more and keep calling us, OK? Fine and get well soon, bye bye” she bid me farewell.
  • I did visit the distributor after a month of taking these remedies, I could feel my asthma symptoms reducing and after 2, 3 months I have got used to these remedies, at least I've never had an asthma attack for the last 3 and half years. I and Sandy are planning to tie the knot next month, thanks to Planet Ayurveda!
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