I never ever had an allergy to any food or anything else, but my hubby had a seasonal allergy, from dust & pollution, which is increasing with each passing day and we never went to India, our home country, Punjab to be more precise, during the harvesting season. As lots of pollution can be seen, when they burn paddy in the fields. We both have got our jobs in the USA and are living well. I work with an architect cum builder and my hubby owns a gas station.

How I Get the Symptoms of Allergy?

  • In fact, his allergy began a few years after we got married, he explained that he did feel a little tightening of the chest whenever he came close to dusty winds or where pollution level is high.
  • But all was ignored as it was thought to be due to the atmosphere at that time. He said that it used to be at the back of his mind, that he needs to see a doctor, but mostly he used to forget it the moment he reached home.
  • But now the allergy kept growing gradually and was creating troubles now. He never has visited me whenever I used to go to a building site. Once he did, but couldn't come out of the car, felt suffocated and left after calling me on my mobile.
  • Even I knew the reason, because at a construction site lots of sand and dust particles flow in the air. The ambiance was not right for him. I felt sorry for him, I just adore him.
  • But one thing is certain, he is quite fine during summer, but whenever slight cold steps in or even when rains take place, he needs a blower or heater in the room to stay warm.
  • At that time he relaxes in the bed or sits in a sofa cum bed and watches TV, or plays video games on his laptop, but uses it seldom to send email or have a chat with some friends on what'sapp number.
  • The onset of winter 3 years back was the worst nightmare for both of us, as his inhaler was lying in the bedroom and he had gone to have a bath in bathroom, we have a solar water heater installed, and the moment he opened the shower, a chilly water came out sprinkling all over and he couldn't close it but in a hurry to escape slipped on the floor and fell.
  • He tried to call me, but instead was gasping for breath. With cold water continuously flowing on his chest, making him gasp more. He picked up a mug and banged it against the door. I heard the noise and went there to see what had happened.
  • “What happened? Where's the inhaler?” I asked curiously. With his hand he asked me to turn off the shower, which I did within no time. “It's ...in...the” he was still gasping and began pointing at our bedroom. I ran and got it because it was lying on the dressing table, right next to the door. I went where he was gasping and pointing the inhaler I pressed it 2 or 3 times. He regained some senses and began breathing heavily.
  • “Something seems to have gone wrong with our solar system, it didn't heat up the water and I just leaped in the dark and found the water too cold, was trying to escape quickly and bang, I slipped and fell on the floor,” he began explaining, with a little heavy voice.
  • “I've asked you that you always keep your inhaler within your arm's length, you never know when it is needed, you have scared the hell out of me” tears began appearing in my eyes. “Oh darling” he hugged me and continued “I am sorry, I just forgot it.” He patted me on the back and I suggested, “why don't you try Ayurvedic medicine, I heard it will cure you completely.” “Even I trust it, you have some one's number, we can call them right now,” he answered.

How I Get the Treatment

  • “These days it is available online as one of my childhood friends got the same cure a couple of years back,” I narrated and Called my friend on the phone. “Hello Meet, (my nickname) how are you?” she asked. “I am fine but my hubby Arjun needs a remedy that you ordered a few years ago,” I said. Why, what happened? Is he fine?” she questioned. “You know he has a seasonal allergy, I thought I'll get the same remedy that you told me about, on Sheela's wedding remember?” I asked, adding “you are fully OK na?” “Yes, it was a miracle, but you need to follow their prescriptions in a precise way,” she instructed. “Don't worry I'll take care of that,” I assured her
  • She claimed “all you need to do is to visit their website Planet Ayurveda and you'll access all the info, right?” she asked further. “Thanks Meeto (her nickname)” & took out the laptop and visited the website.
  • We could get all the info about everything, but before proceeding, we posted the history of my hubby and me, our diet & drinks, all lab and clinic reports, everything in detail. We got their reply the very next day on my mobile number, “Hello, is that Mrs. Gurmeet speaking, we scrutinized your husband's reports and we will help you eliminate the allergy” a ma'am answered in a polite manner. “Thanks ma'am, I know all prescriptions have to be followed strictly, otherwise it will not get terminated” I replied.

How I Get the Medicines in My Country?

  • “Put the phone on speaker mode, is your husband is also listening?” she asked. I did so and Arjun also assured her “Hello ma'am, I promise to do as you say.” “Thanks, Mr. Arjun, note down all the instructions, the first thing you need to do is call Ms Divna Shipovik in Boston, Massachusetts USA and get Allergy Care Pack, all the prescriptions are written on them, if still you need any help, you can call them or mail to us and ask

What Changes i Have to Make in My Daily Lifestyle

  • You need to eat lots of vegetables and fruits or their juices during winter, go in for drinking 4-5 cups of ginger root tea daily and inhale sesame oil 3-4 times a day, get habitual in eating warm, natural, organic, light cooked foods, which can be digested easily.
  • Cook these dishes in authentic ghee and avoid cold and heavy foods like wheat, meat, sugar, processed foods and alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, colas, and try to avoid having coffee.
  • Can you hold all these things?” she asked. “I'll try my best, ma'am” came the answer, and I was glad to hear that. “Fine Mr. Arjun, get well soon...bye bye” wishing him good luck..
  • “I wish you stick to the promise you've made dear,” I taunted him. “Health is wealth! Nothing comes in between me and my problem” he whispered, “I give you my word, I'll just follow as prescribed.” It made me feel proud.

The very next morning we rang their distributor and asked for Allergy Care Pack and went to the grocery store and bought the seasonal veggies and fruits (all were organic).

We got the pack a few days later and felt the introductory symptoms began appearing in the last part of the first month. I followed their prescriptions precisely and overtook my allergy symptoms from appearing in 5 months, making me reach the seventh heaven. I've quit drinking alcohol completely and is working with more aplomb, it also enhanced our savings. Thanks, Planet Ayurveda for making me hold

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