Recognize the Symptoms of Sarcoidosis

You feel shocked when the symptoms of Sarcoidosis appeared for the first time , you begin guessing why our family doctor didn't make you aware of these in the past. If he would have detected them, I could have taken some medicines to prevent it, instead why face the music now? Why? But Sarcoidosis doesn't show any symptoms, but can be detected by the doctors only when you get your chest gets x-ray done.

Coughing that doesn't stop is the most common symptom, but we all ignore it thinking that it is perhaps due to the food we consume. With it you begin feeling lethargic, lazy, weight loss, lack of appetite and may also get fever.

How to Deal With Sarcoidosis

  • Most of us don't feel interested in talking about it with others, nobody wants to share their experience on how they felt when they encountered such disease, the pain felt by you, but today I am going to share my experience with you when I encountered Sarcoidosis. It can happen to anyone, through inhaling.
  • I was never alert to eat a healthy diet that might have been the reason why I began experiencing its symptoms.  I used to get tired with little physical activity and then gasp for breath and used to feel heavy in my chest with severe pain. At first I thought I might be suffering from a heart disease, but a friend asked me to get the chest x-ray done.
  • So I visited a reputed lab in our neighborhood and got the x-ray of my chest done. After an hour I was told I was suffering from Sarcoidosis. I knew nothing about this disease and didn't know what to do. I rang up my friend and said, “hello, how are you?” “I am fine, what about your x-ray report? What did it say? asked Susan, my dearest friend.
  • I am suffering from an unknown disease called Sarcoidosis and don't know  anything about it,” I replied. “Don't worry I will see you in the evening and we will find a remedy and  find everything about it. Don't you worry dear, I'll come straight to your home after Office, OK?” she said. “OK” I murmured.

I was Searching for Alternative Treatment

  • I took out my laptop and went searching about Sarcoidosis symptoms and the treatment. At around 6:00pm, my friend Susan landed at my place and hugged me and said, “Let's search the internet and know about its symptoms and treatment, come on.
  • But I have already done that, I found my symptoms to be the same as written by various patients,” I replied. “Did you find any treatment of this horrible disease?” she asked. “Yep, I did but I landed at an Ayurvedic clinic called Planet Ayurveda and saw majority of their patients of Sarcoidosis coming out with pleasant faces and praising the doctor for their treatment uttered to them on Youtube videos,” I said. “
  • So why don't we visit their website and know everything about the disease as I've heard that Ayurveda finds the root cause and uproots it so this disease never recurs, but you have to follow their prescriptions strictly

How i Got The Treatment for Sarcoidosis

  • We visited Planet Ayurveda and got their whatsapp number then we called. A lady picked up the phone after a few rings, “Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda, how can I help you?” “Actually ma'am I am suffering from a disease called Sarcoidosis and know nothing about it” I said.
  • No problem ma'am, but first of all do one thing, you must have visited a lab or a doctor who told you about Sarcoidosis and now send all the reports and x-ray reports at  this very number and I'll scan them and discuss with my panel of doctors and will give you the prescriptions after that, can you do it?” she asked. “Sure ma'am I am going to do all that,” I replied and went on clicking the photos of my lab reports and x-ray and send them on their whatsapp number.
  • Susan asked me, “Andy what did she say?” “She has a remedy and will call us back after a few hours, let's see what happens?” I said and we both kept on chatting about the gossips and facts in the local area. After about two and a half hours, my phone buzzed and I turned it on and another lady said in a polite way,
  • Hello, I am Calling from Planet Ayurveda and just tell me where are you from” she asked. “I live in the states ma'am, California to be more precise,” I replied. “How old are you and tell me the history about your family, OK? She asked. “Ma'am I am 24 years unmarried lady and....” I narrated the history of my family in detail.

Finally i Got The Herbal Remedies

    OK fine, now you need to get Sarco Care Pack from our distributor in Fresno, the address and his mobile number are on our website. After that you need to be alert on your food intake, better note down all these instructions somewhere, follow them strictly and you will be fine within the next 2 months time, but you will find the symptoms reducing within next 2 or 3 weeks, OK.”

What Changes i Need to Make in My Daily Routine?

  • I asked Susan to do that, as my mobile was on the speaker mode. “Fine now note down the food intake, eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies like tomatoes, blue berries, squash and bell peppers, potatoes, soy, barley, corn, brown rice and oats and drink at least 6 to 7 glasses of water daily.
  • Refrain from eating baked and fried foods like french fries, pasta, white bread, and entirely quit  tobacco products, alcohol and caffeine containing drinks, Get it, Get well soon Andy?” she trailed off.

My friend Susan was on the laptop, noting everything. We ordered the Sarco Care Pack right then and followed their prescriptions precisely. My symptoms started vanishing after 2 weeks and I came out with flying colors after 2 months and a week. I've quit smoking and alcohol completely and look more healthy than the original. Thanks Planet Ayurveda.

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