Austin Macauley, founded in 2006 has published a diverse range of books both fictional and non-fictional work. The company has an open submission policy from the very first day which means that it accepts manuscripts from both experienced and inexperienced writers.

It is a hybrid publishing company which means that it stands on the middle ground between traditional and self-publishing. The company’s main office is in UK and it recently opened an office in New York, USA and has dwelled well in that part of the world as well.
Who to trust?

As there is a vast majority of online book publishing companies around US and UK, it is incredibly hard to find a reliable book publishing company. A book publisher online who won’t rob you and who pays attention to your work. You have to be cautious while deciding the company to go for as there are thousands out there who only care about your money.

Austin Macauley Publishers is not looking for a renowned author to publish for. The company searches new talent in the market and gives them a chance to become an author. Other book publishers only publish a book which will make huge profits for them, but here at Austin Macauley, we are looking for new talents and interesting manuscripts to reach the public.

Money is not all what matters!
We have kept our policy simple; we are not here to make money; we just love our job. The company has published some great books written by some great authors including Austin Steven, Kevin Leushing, Robin Discroll, Simon May, Sadie Kaye, Oliver Friggieri, David Jones, Joe E. Legend and many more. It is the company’s policy and management which has kept it quite simple yet very effective in publishing your work as compared to other hybrid and publishers online.

We Print Every Genre
Our Company has the expertise to fashion your work from a rough manuscript to a full-fledge book that makes your work more desirable to be read. Our huge team of seasoned editors, proofreaders, illustrators, and designers create a masterpiece out of your manuscript. The company is in constant interaction with its authors and involves them in this procedure of their book development. We being a leading book publisher have made it to certain notable events in the recent past including London Book Fair, Sharjah International Book Fair, Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, Beijing International Book Fair and many more.

Book Publishers in UK and around the world most likely will go for money-making which ruins the essence of your original work. We at Austin Macauley make sure that you get the right perspective of your book from book titles to book covers. We do not judge our success with sales but we do it with our customers’ satisfaction. Austin Macauley Book Publishers strives to transform your manuscript into a must-read book and the company worries about the sales so that you get the real worth of your writing.

We love our authors
Many publishers online need to realize that they have to provide expertise, coordination, and guidance and should get this idea straight that an author is a business partner not a commodity for profit. We at Austin Macauley endorse and perform this idea of being a partner for the authors.

An author is a venture capitalist. He might pay you for your services but with us it is not all about payments, it goes beyond that. For us our author is an asset and we make their job easy by providing them with the possibilities of reaching the peak of accomplishments.

Austin Macauley Book Publisher has endeavored for the best which means that it has always invested its resources in authors who have sufficient commitment to write a book. It might be an average book with an average author but it is the effort that counts in bringing out the best from the average and that is what we are striving for.

For a writer, the sensation of holding his book in his hands is the best feeling and we make sure that they get that feeling because for us, all writers are the same. They have done their hard work and we take it upon ourselves to reward them in the best form that they have ever wished for.

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Austin Macauley since its creation in 2006 has made its way to one of the best publishers in the World and now opening their New York office in the recent past, they have carved their way to the success and has inspired millions around the world. They have published many excellent books of many prominent writers with distinction and with their extraordinary growth they are also encouraging the new writers in the field of writing and making their mark with the company.

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