Navigating through the dating scene as you look for your soulmate can be daunting. You want to protect your heart when you start dating someone new while also remaining open to possibilities. Astrology is a good tool to gain access into the fundamental personality of someone you’ve just met. You have great qualities and it’s important that they are noticed and celebrated by the person you’re with. It’s much more difficult to love and appreciate someone if they don’t understand what you’re about. In a world of projection and misunderstandings, it’s important to be with someone you can be yourself with because you’re just what they were looking for.
You may save a lot of time and effort if you know that the dynamics between yourself and a certain sign don’t suit your idea of a good relationship. Keep in mind that there are Ascending and Descending signs that are also a factor as well as the Sun sign. For example, a Leo and Capricorn in love may seem like a total mismatch but if the Descendant is a compatible sign, it could be a match made in heaven. The Descendant sign is based on the time of day a person is born and dictates how they are in relationships.
If you’re a true Aries, you bring virtue, adventure and optimism to a relationship. Leo and Sagittarius, the other two fire signs will appreciate these qualities in you.
The love habit that gets you into trouble the most is not thinking before you jump. A Leo celebrates this aspect of you and will catch you. Leo and Aries are signs that don’t need a stable home to feel secure. This may lead to long camping trips and big worldly adventures.
Pisces doesn’t compliment Aries you find yourself having to distort yourself to prevent hurting their feelings. Maybe it will last but you’re never really able to be yourself without hurting the sensitive Pisces.
Taurus, you know the importance that financial stability has in a relationship. After all, money problems are one of the top reasons people fight. To keep harmony, you ensure finances will never come between you and your love. You have a hard time forgiving so you work well with the likes of Virgo and Capricorn.
Virgo is virtuous and will offer a stable love that you can depend on. This relationship has potential to be long lasting.
When dating a Gemini, your ideals will become unbalanced as they’re restless. To be with a Gemini, you sacrifice a large part of what you care about.
You are open minded and ready for experimentation, bringing intellectual stimulation into relationships.
Don’t waste your best attributes on the wrong kind of people as Aquarians will celebrate your intellect. You can talk for hours to one another and they will make you feel alive as Aquarius quenches your thirst for knowledge.
Having a Libra by your side works well too because you both enjoy culture, art and having fun. You’ll also deeply appreciate their lack of jealousy because too much sensitivity makes you nervous.
As a Cancer is primarily domestic, you likely won’t endure a balanced relationship. If it lasts, one of you will have given up a large part of yourself.
You bring tenderness to the table Cancer, an admirable quality. It’s not easy for you to let loose but you’re incredibly caring.
Pisces understands your depth of feeling which will give you a sense of belonging and ease. You’ll feel proud to be who you are and Pisces will never question it.
You also pair well with a Scorpio as their dominance complements your caring nature.
Sagittarius will infuriate you and you’ll likely shut down regardless of the strong attraction you may have for one another. This is likely a relationship that will last for a short amount of time.
As a Leo, you usually have a crowd of admirers around you thanks to your charisma. Your passion makes you an excellent partner but you also need to be the one leading.
Aries let’s you be the leader and appreciates your fiery nature. You and Aries start infernos in the bedroom and live a life of adventure that’s hard to beat.
Sagittarius has the same type of philosophy towards life which leads a harmonious union between you.
If you date a Capricorn, you risk scarring them emotionally with your dominance.
The Virgo believes that love is pure and it is held in high regard. You are not as passionate as other signs but your purity makes up for it. Signs that appreciate this are Capricorn and Taurus.
You and Capricorn are perfectionists so neither will question the extra work put into every detail of your lives.
Taurus has a big heart and you will greatly appreciate that as you both honor love in the same way.
Aries can dull your sweet flame with their need to constantly be in control, even when they’re wrong. You don’t get to have things the way you’d like, which is important to you.
The balanced nature of Libra is appreciated by both Aquarius and Gemini.
You will appreciate the out-going Aquarius as both of you enjoy being social.
A Gemini is your perfect match intellectually and sexually, allowing a harmonious union for the long term.
Scorpio likes to dwell in the darkness while you are sunny by nature. It would be difficult to make a relationship like this work for a lifetime.
It’s hard to resist the treat of sensual energy that lives within the Scorpio. You may be too intense for some signs but Pisces and Cancer admire your characteristics.
The dreamer in Pisces lets you take the lead and even though you’re different, you compliment one another.
As you are quite jealous, Cancer’s total devotion will keep you at ease.
Scorpio and Gemini don’t have the same philosophy about relationships. While you are extremely loyal, Gemini tends to have a more free-loving nature. This could lead to major heartbreak on your part.
Sagittarius has an instinctive need to be honest about everything. This works well for those that aren’t too sensitive and appreciate knowing where they stand.
Aquarius compliments the adventurous spirit of a Sag and both of you strive for change. You could be with each other without it seeming like a traditional union.
Leo stimulates you in and out of bed and because you’re not dependant on love to define you, he deeply respects you.
You have a lot of pride and a Virgo tends to have a critical nature so this relationship could be crushing for you.
Capricorn are wonderful to fall in love with, at first it doesn’t seem like there’s much to them but as you dig, you see there’s an endless pool.
You and Virgo have similar outlooks on life as you both need order in the household and desire success greatly.
A Taurus has the same values for money and security as you so you are a harmonious couple.
You may be attracted to a Leo at first but in the end, you won’t be impressed by their fiery fits.
The wise Aquarius is agreeable to everyone and they always put a smile on their face regardless of who you are. With this trait, comes the aloofness in that even if they love you, they give you the same smile they might give their enemy.
Signs like Sagittarius and Gemini that aren’t overemotional completely understand the Aquarian way.
Sagittarius and you will enjoy society and adventures together. Your life will be fun and creative, standing the test of time.
You and Gemini make a charming couple that light up a room. You also have incredible chemistry in the bedroom, giving you the best of both worlds.
Your wild spirit will not be appreciated by Virgo and you will feel like they’re trying to tame you.
Pisces, you are delightful to be with due to your sensual, generous soul. While you’re a dreamer, your watery personality doesn’t always deliver.
Cancer and Scorpio are signs that don’t stagnate your dreams which allows you to deliver your heart to them. You also need someone that is deeply trustworthy as you give your whole soul to those you fall in love with.
Your dreaminess captivates Cancer while their protective nature makes you feel all fuzzy inside. One could say that you two deserve each other in the best possible way.
Scorpios have a high attraction to you and many Scorpio/Pisces couples have stated they fell in love at first sight. You both have emotions that run deep with a similar interest in unusual things.
While you may have an initial spark with Libra, your sensitivity will bother the Libra. What feels like unrequited love is just Libra needing to take time to themselves. You, being deeply romantic, become confused with their Houdini act.

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Loraine is originally Canadian but travels the globe as a writer. She has been digging deep into her spiritual self for a long time, seeking out answers about herself and life. She has been known to randomly jump on planes in the quest to find herself.
While not settled in any one place, she finds ways to stay rooted and writing is one of those ways.