Artificial intelligence is a mind-boggling idea. Someone one day woke up and wanted to create something that would further the creation of an AI, and they started to do research to make an extraordinary discovery that changed our world. Norbert Wiener and John McCarthy are two amazing men that pave the way for the life we know today and what our future will be like.

Artificial intelligence can go in many different directions. There is already so much technology in the world around us that we don’t even realize. In factories, AIs are used all the time to make sure everything is made efficiently and precisely. There are still flaws in the machines because humans are infallible and they create the machines. Our world will continue to progress with technology. Soon most systems will be automated and mainly AIs will be running the show. They already do behind the scenes. AIs, however, will not be the robots of extremely high intelligence television portrays AIs to be.

They will be beneficial to society, being of service to those it can be. There may be many people that resent the AIs because as AIs change and become more and more capable of obtaining the correct programming to do more advanced jobs, people will be out of jobs. The life we know, like going to the grocery store, can easily change to us just by checking out with an AI.

Our world will not be moving from self-driving cars to flying cars any time soon, there is now an up incoming of intelligent weapons and that can either be better for our lives or cause more havoc and grief. It’s bad enough certain parts of towns are scary to be in all the time due to violence. School shootings have also just gotten worse. How do we know this part of the technological world will be better for society? We don’t.

Our society has become so out of whack that every little thing can result in violence. These new intelligent weapons would potentially make life safer and keeping them out of the wrong hands. But, in five years it could result in the majority of people having them, making it scary to walk out of your own front door. Seeing that the world has come so far is remarkable, 10 years ago people mainly used landlines. If you had a phone it was to only call people in emergencies and they were flip phones.

AIs have just as much capability to change in the next short five years. From just a small thought in someone’s mind to running most of the activities behind scenes in factories and corporations. Companies and corporations will be able to do more when AIs get more advanced. These corporations will grow and blossom into something incredible while the AIs are up and coming. In time society will see how AIs will benefit them and be something great. We can still hope for flying cars and robots that are our best friends, but that does not seem to be happening in the near future.

The near future holds potentially many changes. As long as society doesn’t get caught up in the changes and it’s inability to accept change, this could be good.

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I am a computer science professor. Being a tech enthusiast I keep close tabs on trends and will be glad to share and discuss the latest wrapups in the field with the community.