Mosaic graphical web browser which was introduced in 1993, brought people over the internet in a revolutionary way. And the journey forward has been all about user experience and fast browsing. HTML advancing to HTML5, enabling multimedia content, etc. helped in improving user experiences for websites. Website developers have worked hard to improve the quality of websites over the past years.

The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade and it also brings advancements in web development using AI. AI is not a new term but it is still at infancy. It has lots of potential in enhancing user experience on websites. In this article, how AI will impact web development and designing in the coming years is explained. But first, understand:

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a section of computer science that helps in creating intelligent machines that are designed to work and react like human beings. It involves learning, planning, voice recognition and problem-solving. A computer program can think like a human and adapt accordingly with the help of Artificial intelligence.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

Machine learning and artificial intelligence assist website development with issues related to security, coding, quality analysis, user experience and more. AI increases site performance considerably. It will also help in checking the website’s responsiveness for different browsers and operating systems and devices. But not all can afford the perks of Artificial Intelligence due to its high cost in implementation. Giant firms like Facebook and Google have come up with AI toolkits to promote and adopt AI in web development and made it possible for small companies to integrate AI in their websites.

AI plays the following role in web development:

1. Faster searching and browsing
2. Interactive and relevant user experience
3. Enabled productive digital marketing activities on target customers
4. By collective user activity data, adapting to their habits and rectifying general mistakes
5. Enabling personalized experience for users in e-commerce websites

How is Artificial Intelligence Contributing to Web Development?

1. Chat-bot

Many websites have started using chatbots because they stimulate a real conversation with the user and adapts to the responses by acting accordingly. They respond to queries posed by the users and comment and assist the users.

2. Analyzing customer behavior

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to understand the behavior of the customers by looking at their activities on the website. AI recommend them products and services by looking at their filters, choices, and history and makes user search optimized and much more interactive.

The Future of AI: What to expect?

Artificial intelligence is the future and the future is now! In terms of web designing and development, Artificial Intelligence has much to offer:
1. Personalizing the website and analyzing the content for the best user experience.
2. Automating user tasks with the help of using filters and history.
3. Engaging the potential clients on the websites with the help of a chatbot.

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