Gone are those days when everything was done manually. Now, we are living in an era when many of our tasks and work are done through software, automated machines and other technology. Considering this factor, one such innovation that has risen in importance is artificial intelligence (AI).
AI, also known as machine intelligence, is basically the intelligence demonstrated by machines. In this technology, machines are used to do what humans do on a daily basis, which is to develop intelligence. However, this innovation has shown signs of growth it showcases excellent outcomes.
Though there are many ways to use AI for your business when organizations decide actually to implement this technology in a specific strategy, they have to plan smartly.

The Role of AI in Content Marketing:

Content marketing is a pretty important technique that many B2C and B2B marketplaces are using. However, many marketers are still confused about how the AI can be used in this digital marketing technique. However, it’s crucial for all content marketers to understand what AI in B2B and B2C marketing can do. Here are a few ways how AI can work in B2C and B2B content marketing.

• Content planning

One of the toughest decision to take for a content marketer is what topic they should produce their next piece on. You always want to create something that is trending and is of interest to your potential audience.
AI can help you in making this process faster. With AI technology, you can quickly examine what your audience is currently following and know more about their interests. Wondering how? The machine will use all previous content whether successful or not and analyze what points were more appreciated by the target audience.
By getting an idea of what your audience liked or disliked from your previous content, it can get much easier for you to finalize your next piece.

• More Engagement:

Engagement is something all B2B marketers are always looking for. However, interacting with every one of your readers may require you to invest more resources. However, if you have a chatbot integrated into your website, then you can experience a significant rise in the level engagement on your site. Chatbot sessions also help you in knowing what your readers are looking for. Whenever a user chats with your bot for help, you’ll get a better idea of what type of content has to be published on your site next.

• Automating Repetitive Tasks:

With the help of AI technology, many tasks have become automated. For example, if you have a social sharing plugin installed on your site, all your new posts will automatically get shared on your social networks. Apart from that, you also have the option of scheduling your posts — no need to stay up all night to publish content according to another nation’s time zone as such AI tools can assist you.

Wrapping Up:

B2C and B2B digital marketing are evolving, and technology is a significant cause behind it. The international market of AI is rapidly growing, and you can use this technology to enhance the quality of your content marketing strategy for your B2C and online B2B marketplace.

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Beatrice McGraw is a Professional Content Writer and Digital Marketer at ExportHub. She's an expert in digital marketing, content marketing, and lead generation. Follow her on Twitter at @McgrawBeatrice.