> This thing of dealing with emotions and analyzing them… doesn’t work for me :/

>> OK, then what part of it does work for you?

>What’d ya mean?

>> Can you only list some situations and emotions you have about them? No more..

> I’m not one to think about what I feel. Everyday is practically the same

>> What you are saying is very important, because we all have feelings, they have a purpose, they tell us something. Think about it and we’ll discuss it in our next session

> OK, so meanwhile can I keep the documents inside my drawer?

>> No. keep them visible…. Why drawers? Every once in a while have a peak at them

> Cause if I’m not working with them what’s the point?

>> Let’s see, if they’re out of sight they surely won’t benefit you, would they?

This WhatsApp session I had with a teen I’m working with on the topic of emotional eating. She received a list of emotions and a need list and was asked to document any life situation she wanted that awakened her emotions.
A few days later she responded as detailed above.
For many of us emotions are like Aliens, we believe in them yet are afraid to acknowledge them, or even name them. Granted, if you look at any emotion list you will note that there are many more uncomfortable emotions than pleasant ones. So who needs this agony anyway. Right?
Wrong! As it turns out blocking the pain makes you oblivious to the whereabouts and nature of your wound. And since it won’t heal by itself, leaving it unattended will worsen the injury.
No one is really comfortably numb. Not in the long run anyway.
This is the gap that makes us eat more than we really want, or sleep more, or smoke or anything else that helps us for a second yet takes a bigger toll on us in the long run.
Why are we afraid of these emotions? Maybe we think they will consume us, that we are inept to deal with them or simply that we should not have them at all?
How do you open a crack in this resistance?
Games (not educational per se) that make you laugh. Is one good way.
We are just around the corner with our “Alien Plan-It” game.

Next I will discuss about the following step – our thoughts!

In the meantime, what are you feeling right now?

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