Houston is a city with some of the best pain specialists in the country. One of the new ways used to relieve pain is through nerve blocks. A nerve block in Houston may be a suitable pain relief method for you if you live in the city.

Nerves are responsible for transmitting messages from the body to the brain, including pain. A cluster of nerves called a ganglion or plexus around an organ is what sends pain messages.

Therefore, if you suffer from chronic pain, medication can be injected into the group of nerves to prevent them from sending pain messages to the brain. That is known as a nerve block.

The following are ways in which nerve blocks are being utilized for pain relief:

  1. To Control Acute Pain

Nerve blocks are useful in treating acute bouts of pain. Acute pain is pain of high intensity caused by an unusual event.

For example, after an accident, the amount of pain resulting from the injury may be unbearable. The pain specialist can inject the medication into the body part that is injured and reduce the pain instantly. 

Medication used to block nerves in acute pain cases usually include a local anesthetic and is used to treat painful instances. Such cases are known as therapeutic nerve blocks.

  1. To Determine the Source of the Pain

One of the most challenging jobs for pain specialists is to find out exactly where your pain is coming from within the body. With the help of nerve blocks, they are now able to do that.

If there is pain in an area, but it is challenging to find the pain source, the doctors will block specific nerves to isolate the cluster of nerves from where the pain is originating. These are called diagnostic nerve blocks.

The medication used in diagnostic nerve blocks typically includes a minuscule anesthetic amount with a known relief time. Therefore, checking for the source of the pain using nerves is known within a short time.

  1. To Predict Treatment Results

Nerve blocks can be used to predict the outcomes of various treatments. When you go to a pain specialist, they will come up with a list of possible solutions after conducting a diagnosis.

Various methods of treatment will have different success rates depending on the pain. By isolating and blocking specific nerves, a pain specialist can tell which approach will achieve the best results for your type of pain.

The nerve blocks used in this manner are known as prognostic nerve blocks. They are particularly useful in predicting if surgery is necessary and are a great way to avoid surgery, which always carries an element of risk.

  1. To Prevent Pain

Many medical procedures, even those used to relieve pain, often leave residual pain. It can be very difficult to live with the pain, and nerve blocks can prevent such pain.

A common type of pain experienced after surgery is phantom limb pain. Such a nerve block is also known as a preemptive nerve block.

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