A universal fact: The environment is degrading rapidly. Don’t Panic. We mean, it is happening at a rapid level? Yes. But at the same time, we, the ever so strong and the intelligent human species who have survived through the worst, are ready with the right solutions. Everything is right here in front of you. But before we start understanding what solutions we have for the problems at hand, let us understand the problems first.

What Causes Global Warming?

To avoid getting all technical about it, we will be taking a look at the major factors that cause global warming. From these factors, the major ones are :

1. Greenhouse Gases: A reaction to the greenhouses across the world, the problem here is that greenhouse gases trap carbon emissions, which increases the temperature of the world. This, in turn, leads to the melting of ice-caps of the north as well as south poles which has led to a sudden rise in sea-levels. This has also affected the climate cycles of the world.

2. Carbon Emissions: In its state, Carbon dioxide is a warm gas. Ideally, the earth’s surface accelerates the carbon dioxide to the top of the atmosphere where it cools down and returns to the surface. However, the greenhouse effect entraps the carbon dioxide and other warm gases in the atmosphere. In the past few decades, the emissions have also increased significantly due to an increase in the population, an increase in transportation (which majorly is traditional fuel-driven), an increase in manufacturing units to satisfy the needs of the ever-increasing population, and much more

3. Deforestation: With the rise in population, the need for one of the basic demands - food, has also increased. In order to satisfy this demand, governments across the globe have cleared 1000s of hectares of forest land to provide the land for increased agricultural production. This has also significantly led to an increase in deforestation. The effect of deforestation is directly related to the sudden climate changes, irregularities in rainfall patterns, and various other things. This has also led to an increase in global warming.

What Are The Alternatives?

At the start of the new millennium, countries across the globe realized that we are, quite literally, screwed-up, if we don’t act towards the protection of our environment. Thus, the United Nations started various initiatives to curb down the rising concentrations of global warming as well as climate change. Through these initiatives, researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs have taken the opportunity to come up with alternatives to our traditional approaches towards a number of things that cause carbon emissions. The major one being, electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles

What started as a small idea to enhance travels that are locally taking place, has now stemmed into a whole industry. The Electric Vehicles movement started during the dawn of the 21st century with small scooters or mopeds. These were made with an intention to reduce the carbon emissions that occur during the day-to-day commute of a passenger, especially within the city he/she lives in. However, less than a decade of electric vehicles in their basic form hitting the market, there began an intensive R&D towards making these EVs fit for longer travels where instead of stopping for a fuel refill, you stop to recharge. This has paved the way for an extensive industry that makes electric vehicles as efficient and stylish as fuel-driven vehicles. Throughout the world, there are numerous companies that are manufacturing electric vehicles that fit the day-to-day needs of passengers. While the world has already shifted to a whopping number of 3.27 million electric vehicles globally, a lot of people are yet to realize the advantages of EVs.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Apart from the fact that electric vehicles are beneficial for the environment, there are numerous other benefits as well. The major ones include:

1. Cheaper Running: Since these vehicles run on electricity, the costing per kilometer comes to somewhere around INR 0.25. Which is very cheap as compared to fuel-driven vehicles. In addition to this, the maintenance cost of Electric Vehicles is also very cheap.

2. Environmentally Beneficial: Since these vehicles run on electricity, the costing per kilometer comes to somewhere around INR 0.25. Which is very cheap as compared to fuel-driven vehicles. In addition to this, the maintenance cost of Electric Vehicles is also very cheap.

3. Health Benefits: More of a long-term as well as large scale benefit, the reduction in carbon levels has a number of health benefits on users as well as neighborhoods with more electric vehicles. The health benefits are majorly related to breathing disorders such as asthma and sinus. Thus, switching to E vehicles is good not just for the user but for the entire community.

India and Electric Vehicles

Since the year 2009, the Indian market has opened up for electric vehicles. However, the numerous enthusiasts who wanted to make a difference by switching to electric modes of transportation were soon shot down. This happened because the initial models launched were Chinese. However, almost a decade later, a number of Indian entrepreneurs came up with numerous #MadeInIndia electric bikes. One of the leading companies in this field, since the year 2016 has been Joy E-Bike. With their state-of-the-art technology, understanding of the Indian consumer, and lastly, a variety of stylish designs, has made them one of the Top Electric Two-Wheeler Manufacturers In India, in the year, 2019.

As of 2020, the number of electric bikes in India has significantly increased on-road, and Joy E-Bike has been able to keep up with this increased demand for Electric Bikes in India. Currently, the brand has over 5000 happy e-riders across the country, and in the coming future has plans to contribute more than 15% to the growing market of Electric vehicles in India.

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Joy e-bike is a brand with motorable vehicles which are eco-friendly & sustainable to nature & for which we don't need registration, license, fuel etc. With innovation being an integral part, our idea is to bring something new to the market, which can also help fight climate change.

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