There is an obsession among the younger generation – to lose weight, stepping into a modern lifestyle, using magical tonics and superfoods which were used thousands of years ago for staying fit and healthy.

Celebs like Hilary Duff says she takes a shot of ACV, Victoria Beckham takes two tablespoons of it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Kourtney Kardashian drinks it twice a day, Jennifer Aniston drinks it in the morning and model Miranda Kerr swears it helps her digestion.

What is ACV( Apple Cider Vinegar)?
Apple Cider Vinegar is a current topic in weight management, it is becoming popular due to its numerous health -benefits.

Apple Cider Vinegar is derived after processing and fermenting apple pulp. This potion (solution) promises you an array of benefits like reducing the risk of many diseases and is believed to help lose weight.

How ACV results in weight loss?
Studies have shown the significant positive effects of ACV in mice experiments, while studies on human beings are limited until now. Acetic acid-main component of Apple Cider Vinegar is causing suppression of fat accumulation and metabolic disorders in obese rats.

Nutritionist & Author Lisa Drayer found that the people who are taking ACV supplements with low-calorie diet lost weight tremendously. A study on 12 people who consumed ACV with bread meal in 2005, has shown that they lost some amount of weight.

Research Says:
Yes, it works for weight loss, a study at New York Chiropractic College involving 49 people participating in a 21- day weight loss program that, one drink of Apple Cider Vinegar daily resulted in weight loss and improved cholesterol.

Since ACV has been shown to extend the time food stays in your stomach, taking it with meals could worsen Gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying), which is a common complication of type1 diabetes.

A study of Bioscience, Biotechnology & Biochemistry has shown that the main component of ACV -acetic acid helps in suppressing fat accumulation, this means a daily intake of Apple Cider Vinegar may be useful in the prevention of metabolic syndrome by reducing obesity and may aid in burning belly fat.

Journal Clinical Nutrition found that the presence of acetic acid leaves you feeling of fullness for a longer duration, thereby -prevent you from overeating and lowers your calories intake which results in managing weight.

Studies suggest that Apple Cider Vinegar helps stabilize blood glucose levels, especially after eating a high-crab meal. Stabilized blood sugar level is essential for a healthy body and weight management. Read more

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