A real estate business exists in a competitive environment and faces many challenges. The more your business grows, the more clients you have to manage, and you may find yourself unable to deal with prospective customers. You need something to bring a balance between your responsibility and objectives. Otherwise, your path to progression will be hindered by lack of time and workforce. A major task for any real estate agency is taking and handling client calls.

A live answering service can help share your burden. They can help manage your business communications, giving you enough time to find new paths to improvement. Here’s now.

1. Cut Costs and Increase Service

If you are a start-up real estate business, then you need to get off the ground without incurring much debt. You need ways to cut down your costs while managing everything efficiently. Answering services for small businesses are the solution. An answering service allows you to downsize your office staff while running your business smoothly. For large and flourishing businesses, you need to hire more staff to deal with increasing customers. An answering service can be the perfect solution to provide better service while satisfying customers.

The average cost of training an employee is estimated at between $1200-$1800. So instead of interviewing and hiring someone on your own, going for an answering service can save both time and money.

2. Lead Capture

To keep up with competitors, you need to be more efficient. An important part of how many leads you are able to capture is your response time. If your real estate business has office hours of 9 am to 5 pm with a single receptionist, then as the number of incoming calls increases, he or she will not be able to answer them all. Customers will feel ignored and move on to find other businesses like yours. Likewise, there is no guarantee that potential clients will be calling only during office hours.

With a call service backing you up, you don’t have to worry about losing potential customers and can capture more leads than before.

3. No Extra Work on Your Hands

A good amount of time is spent interacting with customers and making sure they are happy with the service they are getting. But answering services can do this for you. They have experienced employees who are trained to deal with a variety of clients, ensuring standard and quality customer service. This will open up valuable time which you can invest in running your business, making sales and getting some peace of mind.

4. 24/7 Live Answering Service

Before you decide to get a chatbot to answer for you, know that 90% of customers prefer a live service. And 76% would choose to have a real person to talk to on the other side. To compete in a competitive industry such as the real estate business, you need to shift towards a live answering service.

It might be true that you get most of your calls at certain periods of the day. But with a 24-hour phone answering service, you will have the opportunity to grab hold of those early birds and as well as those night owls. You will get the opportunity to go beyond your limitations, and improved communication will create a positive impression of your business.

5. No More Missed Phone Calls

Being in the real estate business means you have to be in the field for long periods. Meeting with clients, showing properties and marketing yourself can keep you busy. Clients prefer calls as a fast form of communication. If they have to wait, it frustrates them and shows that you are unprofessional. Phone calls are responsible for 80% of all business communications, and if left unanswered 85% will not call you back.

A phone answering service makes sure you don’t miss a call. Experienced staff are able to provide your clients with the service they are looking for.

6. Scheduling Appointments and Meetings

In the real estate business appointments are important to get a signed listing agreement with a buyer or seller. You need to make property visits, and open houses and this requires proper communication and management.

In this fast-paced industry, answering services can help notify you immediately of any appointment cancellation or modification. Eliminating miscommunication helps save time and guarantees that you are where you should be.

7. Intelligent Routing

Routing calls to the right personnel is important for a real estate business to run smoothly. Answering services have confident staff with training to deal with and answer questions clients ask. If need be, they can quickly route the calls to the appropriate person who will be able to answer those questions.

8. Answering General Inquiries

Among all the calls coming into your business, most are general inquiries; when will the inspection take place, is the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) important for the property, are there any deed restrictions, and so on. An answering service can handle these questions for you.

9. Bilingual Support

For a growing business, it is important to have bilingual support. As every country is becoming more diverse every day, it is no longer sufficient to have only English speaking employees. You need to be ready to assist non-English speaking clientele. Answering services can help you communicate with more people, helping your business to grow further.

In a nutshell, choosing a great answering service for your real estate business can take care of the administration and customer-facing side of things. Rental markets are booming and you need an improved means of communication. Call Service has dedicated lines which allow us to take on your calls and represent your company name.

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