A very important gift we have from Heaven is a link with our Spirit Guides. Our Spirit Guides are generally deceased loved ones or deceased pets. They are called Spirit Guides to distinguish them from the other angels. Spirit Guides generally watch, teach, heal, and help you on your physical journey into spiritual awareness.

Our Spirit Guides love us very much. My theory on Spirit Guides, and angels in general, is that, after we die, we go to a beautiful place called the Summer Lands. The Viking culture referred to it as Valhala. It is here, in the Summer Lands, that I believe we are able to talk to the Gods and Goddesses about the life we just left. If we have more life lessons to learn, we may choose to reincarnate. If we have reached a high level of spirituality, we may choose to ascend into angels. That is my theory. Of course, no one knows for sure what happens when we die.

Of course, we can’t discount pets from becoming Spirit Guides either. Our cherished pets will be there and love us unconditionally as they did in life. In fact pets may make some of the most comforting Spirit Guides of all.

Another type of Spirit Guide is a Power Animal. A Power Animal is one that represents a species rather than one that you were attached to in life. Many cultures recognize the presence of Power Animals. The animals are often wild animals like bears, big cats, birds of prey, and even sea animals. Sometimes, your Power Animals may even be ficticious animals like a purple dragon! Whatever you envision when you invoke you Spirit Guides.

I highly recommend you take the time to meet your Spirit Guides before the last minute, when you may actually need them. Many people recommend a cleansing bath beforehand. I am one of those people. I think the more relaxed and detoxified our bodies are, the more likely we will be able to receive angelic communications.

For the cleansing bath, you will need a neck pillow, or towel rolled to rest your neck and shoulders on, Dead Sea Salts or Epsom Salts (available at natural food stores or pharmacies) to soften the water. You will also need some incense and a burner, I recommend nag champa, vanilla, dragon’s blood, sandalwood, or what ever scent makes you the most relaxed. You’ll also want a small candle. I choose white as it symbolizes purity. You’ll also want to keep handy a small journal or notebook and a pen.

Start off by adding the salt to you water bath water, light the incense and the candle and use both as means to meditate upon. The incense should provide a healthy, relaxing, and smooth scent to help you drift off into a state of pure bliss. The candle is more of a focal point.

After you feel perfectly cleansed, you may dress into something very relaxing and comfortable. Some people prefer to meditate sitting up and some prefer lying down. I prefer the latter. If you are going to meditate sitting up, imagine your feet being rooted into the ground. There will be no drifting off for you!

If you decide to lie down on your bed, make sure that you are comfortable but not to the point where you’re likely to fall asleep.

Now, just simply ask your angels to name themselves. You’ll need to write this all down. Some of the angels’ names will be quite familiar and some you’ll never have heard of. Regardless, you’ll want to write down all of their names and have a list for any time you need to call upon your personal angels.

Next, while you have the angels’ attention, this would be a great time to ask them if they had any guidance at to any of your life’s problems. If you end up with a different answer to a direct question that what you stated off with, don’t worry, the angels know what your innermost questions are and will answer accordingly. If you still don’t understand what the angels are trying to say to you, it is okay to ask them to show you in a more tangible manner. You may or may not get your answer right away, but you will receive your answers if you just keep faith in the angels.

If you are the type of person that finds this sort of exercise difficult, I’d like to recommend a wonderful product out there to help you to connect with your angels. Doreen Virtue, PhD., has a kit entitled “Connecting With Your Angels.” You do not need to purchase this kit to pass the class. The only things the kit has that I didn’t mention in our meditation, is twelve Angel Oracle Cards, a heart-shaped rose quartz crystal, a meditation CD, and Guidebook. Otherwise, you can do it on your own. If you need additional help, I suggest Doreen Virtue’s kits and books.

Aniel and Padiel, both angels of luck and of silver protection are watching over you. The key to your life right now is angelic meditation. Eth, the Guardian Angel of Time, urges you to manage your time more effectively.

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Author's Bio: 

Amy is the President of the ULC Seminary and author of multiple books and courses on ceremonies and various spiritual belief systems.