While it seems foolish to argue the point that most Americans have anyone but themselves to blame for the crippling unsecured debt burdens that threaten so very many households, the lenders have hardly made things easy for borrowers attempting to address the situation and get themselves out of their current holes. Even after the recent CARD legislation somewhat rectified the formerly unregulated manner in which lending institutions handled their billing statements, the jumble of Annual Percentage Rates and effects of compound interest are nonetheless difficult for even financial professionals to gauge without the proper tools. Keeping that in mind, the use of a credit card debt calculator to help guide consumers toward an accurate summation of the totality of their debt holdings as they are – and as they shall become, unless steps are taken – should be a virtual necessity.

When we speak of a virtual necessity regarding the credit card debt calculator, that's something of a play on words. Only a few years ago, consumers hoping to forge their own strategy of repayment would have had to scrimp and save to find the hundred dollars needed to purchase one of the financial calculators employed by debt relief counselors and debt management professionals. To the undying annoyance of armchair accountants, compound interest and the continually fluctuating Annual Percentage Rates beloved by credit card companies simply cannot be even vaguely estimated through the run of the mill standard calculators kicking around kitchen cupboards and basement drawers. As a matter of fact, when attempting to figure out how much you would owe on any sizable revolving debt loan of typical credit card interest over the course of a decade or two, you could end up thousands of dollars short in your estimations.

Fortunately, the advent of the internet and the ubiquity of online banking has essentially forced the credit card debt calculator software to become commonplace around the web, and the average family who'd never utilize a financial calculator for any other purpose now has absolutely no reason to shell out three figures for the dauntingly complex Hewlett Packard model. Since the fundamental design of the credit card debt calculator is so relatively simple for the mathematically inclined, there are now any number of free options available throughout the internet with precisely the same features and customer friendly interface that do not even require a subscription or membership.

Indeed, for the best service, you should just go ahead and use whichever search engine you feel most comfortable with, type in the words 'credit card debt calculator', and thousands of possibilities should suddenly come into view. Then, if the site tries to force you to enter any personal information as a price for usage, click off of that screen and start working anew with a more liberated system that will not twist your arm to their own debt relief or balance transfer scheme. After you have found an online credit card debt calculator that you're happy with, it should just be the matter of a few moments to pull out your billing statements and enter the required data in the correct fields – ignoring, if this is not obvious, any inquiries into credit card account numbers and the like – and you'll have access to the same information as the most highly paid debt relief pro.

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Cole Collins is a freelance writer for personal finance with a concentration on consumer debt relief.