As we all know customer feedback can help any business enterprise in knowing the positives and not-so positives of the products and services they offer. There are many ways to take feedback from customers from asking them to visit a link and enter their feedback to send them forms to fill, or conduct online surveys, etc.

Smiley Face In Email

But, not all customers will oblige due to various reasons. They might forget about it, they might think it not to be necessary as they like the enterprise, or any other reason could result in them not providing feedback to the enterprise.

In such instances, it falls on the enterprises to find other methods of taking feedback from the customers. One such method is to add smileys to the emails. It becomes easier for the customer to simply click on the smiley or an emoticon that reflects their view about the services provided by the enterprise.

The smiley face in email will act as an easy feedback form with each smiley given a different rating from the lowest (bad/ dissatisfied) to the highest (great/ highly satisfactory). A series of smileys will be incorporated into the emails as an auto-signature of the enterprises.

Each time an employee of the enterprise responds to a query, compliant, from the customer, the smileys requesting feedback reflect in the bottom of the mail. When the customer reads the email, they can click or tap on a smiley to record their feedback. The process takes no more than 5 seconds.

Depending on the feedback received, enterprises can take the necessary actions. A system can be developed such that each a customer selects a less positive rating, a new popup window or flash screen would appear asking them for a quick line or two to explain why the service was not up to the mark. This enables the enterprises to focus on the problem areas and solve it effectively, thereby making sure that they are always alert and customer-focused in their approach.

The most common scale used to take feedback is a 5-meter ranging from highly dissatisfied to highly satisfied. This, when translated to the smiley face in email, becomes something on the lines of,

  • Angry (red-faced smiley with a fuming expression)
  • Sad (orange smiley with downward lips)
  • Neutral (yellow smiley with no expression)
  • Happy (light green smiley with a small smile)
  • Very Happy (Dark green smiley with a wide smile)

The scale can be altered depending on the specifications of the enterprise. Some like to keep it short and opt for a 3-scale feedback, while others go for 7-scale feedback. The smileys too can be picked by the enterprises. They can either go for single color smileys or multi-colored ones depending their requirements.

Companies have come up in the market to generate smiley feedback in the emails for enterprises. They offer packages to choose from and the related code will be installed and run through the system of the enterprise connecting the feedback smileys to the employee records.

One of the leading companies that offers to generate the smiley face in email for the enterprises along with other services says that this system has helped a lot of enterprises assertively handle the feedback from the customers and improve on the weak or troubling areas. The enterprises have found it easier to pinpoint the exact area that needs to be worked on to get better results and feedback from their customers.

The centralized support center shows the feedback ratings of each employee and service on an online dashboard which is synchronized and updated automatically each time there is feedback. This helps the enterprises track employee performance and assists in generating appraisals.

Using the data, enterprises have begun to provide the customers with updated results, thereby gaining their trust by proving that the enterprises care about the customers. This helps the enterprises retain their customer base and expand assertively.

It has been proved by many enterprises that opted for the smiley face feedback through emails that the customer response has increased considerably. More and more customers are providing feedback to the enterprises as the process has been made simple and user-friendly.

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