Open source web development has simplified the task of web development. Usually an Open Source Solution Company is hired for this purpose. Such a company uses web applications and codes developed by web developers belonging to open source community. Some popular open source web development platforms available in market are WordPress, Joomla and OSCommerce. Depending on nature of the website and suitable technology the Open Source Solution Company decides about the suitable open source web development platform required for developing the site. An Open Source Solution Company also takes care about the customization of web applications that are relevant for the site.

Open source web development is also popularly known as Content Management System (CMS). It has proved to be essential for tracking all types of content on a given website. CMS is primarily used for making amendments and saving content of the website for future use. Such content can be stored in desired forms and formats like image, videos, music, document and text, as deemed necessary by the Open Source Solution Company hired for development of the site. CMS can be updated by anyone having access to operating system of web development.

An Open Source Solution Company can develop password protected Content Management System. This may be done in pages or admin panel for effectively managing and securing the site. An Open Source Solution Company can be engaged for developing a tailor made CMS that is suitable for the site.

Joomla has emerged as most popular CMS among web developers and users. Many web developers and experts have found that it is more convenient and simple for posting a blog than WordPress. Moreover, it is free to use. Popular CMS like Mambo Drupal and Joomla have extended modules that can be utilized by an Open Source Solution Company. Quick and easy modifications of text or applications can be done by site owners using CMS. Such easy to use features are helpful for web developers and site owners. It saves time and money of the company.

An Open Source Solution Company takes care of several aspects involved during creation of a site using open source web development. There are several functions and applications that require their expertise during development. Customizing a site, selecting the right platform and training the owners about salient aspects of site maintenance are some vital services offered by such a company. As such, it is desirable to seek professional help of company having expertise in open source solutions while planning for open source web development.

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